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Butterfly Sightings 2016 - BC Upper Thames Branch

First Sightings    Sightings Archive   

This page is for recent butterfly sightings in the BC Upper Thames Branch area, to show what's
on the wing now. Please also remember to send all your records to Jim Asher, UTB Records Officer.
The first reported sighting of each butterfly species is shown in red text.
Email your sightings


Click photo for larger image

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Green Hairstreak
Photo © David Hastings
Photo © Mary Payne
Grizzled Skipper
Photo © Richard Wheeler

Latest News &
Updates - 5th February
White-letter Hairstreak Project 2016
Peter Cuss, UTB White-letter Hairstreak Species Champion, has set up an exciting new project to try and protect the White-letter Hairstreak from further decline in the UTB region. Peter needs our help to monitor known colonies, search for new ones and plant elms resistant to dutch elm disease. Click here for more details about the project and to see how you can get involved ...

Next event:
Sunday 14th February - Work Party at Aston Upthorpe Downs

Brown Hairstreak Distribution Map as at 18/12/15

~ 5th February 2016 ~

Chris Carter sent the following: "I had a brief but unmistakable sighting of a male Brimstone in our garden at Alvescot, west Oxfordshire on Thursday 4th February, our first butterfly of the year. Pleasant sunshine but not overly warm at the time. The very mild winter has meant that a lot of the nectar-bearing winter shrubs that might have sustained our Brimstone have already been and gone. Crocus tommasinianus is out now in profusion but produces mainly pollen, great for bees but it's too early and there are almost none of them around either. I guess it will all work out somehow."

~ 31st January 2016 ~

David Hastings reported his first butterfly sighting of the year: "I saw a Small Tortoiseshell at my allotment in NW Abingdon, Oxon on 30th January. It was nectaring on a daisy flower. The air temperature was about 9C. I took the picture with the camera in my mobile phone."

Small Tortoiseshell
Photo © David Hastings

~ 29th January 2016 ~

Pete Thompson saw his first butterfly of the year on 28th January: "After a frosty and sunny start, and before the clouds gathered, I saw a Small Tortoiseshell in my garden this afternoon (28th January) at Wyfold, S Oxfordshire."

~ 24th January 2016 ~

Derek Brown reported the following: "We saw a Small Tortoiseshell on Saturday 23rd January. However this was indoors at Berkshire Auction Rooms in Midgham and must have been disturbed from hibernation, so I guess this doesn't really count as a first sighting."

~ 13th January 2016 ~

Ched George sent this butterfly report to start the new year off: "I was sawing wood in my back garden in Radnage, Bucks on 8th January when a Peacock fluttered around me and disappeared into the tall leylandii behind me."

~ 31st December 2015 ~

Maureen Cross sent this report today: "I’ve just looked at the web to see that butterflies have been out and about and thought I would add my sighting of a female Brimstone on 28th December 2015, fluttering amongst the snowdrops and crocus in bloom in Goring, South Oxon churchyard!"

~ 29th December 2015 ~

Pete Thompson reported the following: "Two butterflies seen this afternoon (29th December) at Wyfold (South Oxon), one Peacock (in my garden) and one Red Admiral (next door). This mild weather is ridiculous!"

Dave Ferguson sent the following news on 28th December: "At mid-day today, 28th December, a Small Tortoiseshell was flying around the ivy beside our kitchen window in Beaconsfield, Bucks. What with that and a Cowslip flowering in the garden it's a crazy winter."

~ 3rd December 2015 ~

Pete Thompson reported the following: "Yesterday afternoon (2nd December) I saw a single Peacock [butterfly] in my garden in Wyfold (South Oxon), after a sunny morning it had by then clouded over and the temperature was around 13C."

[Sightings for 2015 have been archived.]

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