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M40 Compensation Area

UK Highways M40 Ltd, the owners of the M40 Compensation Area, have recently completed the installation of a new motorway standard deer fence around the Compensation Area, and the expectation is that there will be a significant improvement in the condition of the blackthorn and other vegetation which has suffered over the years from excessive deer browsing. This will in time enhance the environment for butterflies, particularly the Black Hairstreak colony.

The Compensation Area lies within the curtilage of the M40 motorway and UK Highways M40 Ltd are legally responsible for the safety of all persons within the area. The effect of this is that there will no longer be access for casual visitors, and to that end the new gates in the deer fence are padlocked shut. This does have the added advantage that the gates cannot be inadvertently left open and allow deer to enter.

Arrangements are being made to accommodate authorised surveyors and it may be possible at some time in the future for guided walks to take place.

May 2017

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