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Moth Sightings Archive - January to December 2012

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~ Friday 25th January 2013 ~

The sightings list for 2012 is now closed. Thanks for all your contributions. Wendy

Andy King sent the following: "Peter Hall has identified a number of moths for me and just one of them is of particular note for your site: A Coleophora currucipennella flew into my trap on 23 July 2012 at Philipshill Wood, Bucks. This was a small, brownish unprepossessing thing. Its significance is that it was only the second Bucks record for this proposed Red Data Book 3 species. Thankyou, Peter."

~ Tuesday 8th January 2013 ~

05/01/13 - Dave Wilton sent the following report: "On 5th January Peter Hall completed the final dissections of difficult moths from me for 2012 and the following can now be added to the year list: Maple Pug (Westcott 8th August), Acompsia cinerella (Steps Hill 14th August), Agonopterix nervosa (Calvert 9th September), Anacampsis blattariella (Finemere Wood 19th August), Caryocolum fraternella (Calvert 12th August), Coleophora albitarsella (Westcott 10th August), Coleophora versurella (Ivinghoe Beacon 9th August), Cosmiotes stabilella (Calvert 17th August), Depressaria badiella (Calvert 12th August), Depressaria chaerophylli (Ivinghoe Beacon 3rd September), Depressaria douglasella (Ivinghoe Beacon 3rd August), Monochroa lutulentella (Finemere Wood 1st September), Oegoconia quadripuncta (Ivinghoe Beacon 9th August), Phyllonorycter oxyacanthae (Westcott 18th August), Scoparia basistrigalis (Calvert 12th August), Stigmella obliquella (Finemere Wood 19th August), Stigmella salicis (private wood near Buckingham 20th August) & Stigmella samiatella (Finemere Wood 17th July). Thankyou Peter!"

~ Friday 7th December 2012 ~

Dave Wilton sent this update: "On 20th November here at Westcott, Bucks my garden actinic trap managed Caloptilia rufipennella (1), Acleris schalleriana (1), an as yet unconfirmed Depressaria sp. (1), Red-green Carpet (1), Winter Moth (1) and another late Silver Y (1). The following night I got only Winter Moth (4) and that proved to be it for the rest of November as the overnight temperatures plummeted. Elsewhere, a group search for Brown Hairstreak eggs at Shotover Country Park, Oxford on 23rd November produced a female Mottled Umber and three Blue-bordered Carpet eggs, while on my way home a hibernating Drinker caterpillar was found on roadside blackthorn near Boarstall, Bucks. So far this month all I've seen in the garden at Westcott is one very hardy Winter Moth which came to the light of the kitchen window on 4th December."

Mottled Umber female
Photo © Dave Wilton

Andy King reported the following: "All quiet here, but I have a new one for the 2012 list. Actually, I caught the Coleophora milvipennis as a larva in its case on 21st May and wasn't sure enough of its ID until it emerged. The photos show its over-wintering case and the May-time one on the same leaf and, of course, the adult. It originally lived in Black Park, nr. Fulmer in Bucks."

Coleophora milvipennis larva
Photo © Andy King
Coleophora milvipennis adult
Photo © Andy King

~ Wednesday 28th November 2012 ~

Ched George reported a male Winter moth at his front door light on 19th November.

Dave Wilton reported the following: "A visit to a couple of private woods near Marlow, Bucks on 7th November in search of Plumed Prominent produced five examples (four to MV at the first and one to actinic at the second). Scarce Umber made its first appearance of the year in the actinic trap here at Westcott on 13th November and Acleris sparsana came to a lit window on 19th November. Between those two dates the garden trap also brought in Emmelina monodactyla, December Moth, Red-green Carpet, Winter Moth, Feathered Thorn, Mottled Umber, Sprawler, Black Rustic, Grey Shoulder-knot, Blair's Shoulder-knot, Red-line Quaker, Beaded Chestnut & Silver Y. Caught on the 16th, the Silver Y was my latest ever garden record for that species."

~ Monday 19th November 2012 ~

Dave Maunder sent these sightings on 18th November: "A few more moths found in Aylesbury, Bucks over the last week were:- Large Wainscot (1, female) in my garden trap on 16th November - a late specimen! Also seen were Feathered Thorns (4); Scarce Umber (1, 13th); Mottled Umber (1, 17th); Winter Moths (3); Small Dusty Wave (1, 13th); Red-green Carpet (2, 13th); Sprawler (1, 17th); Chestnut moth (1, 14th); Brick moths (3, 13th, 17th + 18th); Turnip moth (1, 12th); Angle Shades (1, 12th). A few more in my garden trap on 14th November were Blair's Shoulder-knot (1), Red-green Carpet (1), and Light Brown Apple Moth (1)."

Large Wainscot
Photo © Dave Maunder
Mottled Umber
Photo © Dave Maunder

Marc Botham sent this update: "Despite a very warm night on 13/11/12 I caught very few moths in MV traps set at both Harcourt Arboretum and Bagley Woods (both Oxon). The only potentially new moth amongst these was a Diurnea lipsiella at Bagley Woods. A fair number of Red-green and Spruce Carpets again amongst smaller numbers of other geometrids, but barely any noctuids at all."

Ched George reported the following: "I made another attempt at finding Ptilophora plumigera amongst mature maples at Water End, Radnage (Bucks) on 13th November. I ran a trap from 4.45pm to 7pm. It attracted: December moth 1m, Angle Shades 1, Red-Green Carpet 1m, 1f, E.postvittana 1, Merveille-du-Jour 1 and Acleris sparsana ? 1.
I ran a second MV at a sheet nearby from 5pm to 7.10pm. It attracted: Yellow-line Quaker 1, Dark Chestnut 2, Chestnut 1, Mottled Umber 1m, Barred Sallow 1, Satellite 1, Acleris sparsana ? (PH) 1, Red-Green Carpet 6m, Brick 1. Surprisingly no Feathered Thorn even though I had 3m in the garden trap the previous night!"

Chris Pickford sent the following report from Chilton, South Oxon: "Good to see that some species are still flying despite the atrocious weather! This Beautiful Plume (Amblyptilia acanthadactyla) came in with me on the night of 12th November to get out of the rain; it was indeed 'beautiful'!"

Amblyptilia acanthadactyla
Photo © Chris Pickford

Steve Goddard sent this report: "A speculative night's moth trapping in Wolvercote, Oxon on 8th November produced our first December Moth, two Feathered Thorns and three Bricks, the latter also a first for our garden."

Marc Botham reported the following: "I had my first Scarce Umbers of the year in my garden in Benson, Oxon on 09/11/12 amongst a reasonable catch (compared to recent) including Feathered Thorn (3), Sprawler (2), Satellite (2), Brick (1), Acleris notana/ferrugana (1), Angle Shades (3), Red-green Carpet (1) and Blair's Shoulder-knot (1). On the same evening at Warburg, Oxon there were 20 Plumed Prominents amongst a modest catch of 16 species of 83 moths including: Spruce Carpet (3), Red-green Carpet (14), Feathered Thorn (6), December Moth (6), Sprawler (6), Acleris sparsana (6), Mottled Umber (5), Satellite (5), Angle Shades (2), Yellow-line Quaker (3), Setaceous Hebrew Character (1), Brick (1), Acleris notana/ferrugana (3), Acleris hastiana (1), Caloptilia semifascia and Chestnut (1). At this point I was commenting to Rob Payne and Dave Morris who joined me that I still hadn't seen Winter Moth this year and then I was walking back through Wallingford (Oxon) town centre on 10/11/12 evening there was a male Winter Moth in a shop window - my first of the year."

~ Saturday 3rd November 2012 ~

Dave Wilton reported the following: "Having had Mottled Umber to light at Westcott, Bucks on 28th October and then December Moth on 2nd November, I suppose I'll have to accept that my garden list is unlikely to increase much further this year. Roll on 2013!"

December Moth
Photo © Dave Wilton

Steve Goddard sent this summary of his October moth trapping: "Relatively quiet over October in my Wolvercote, Oxford garden, with quite a few nights unsuitable for putting the trap out. Regular moths included Lunar Underwing, Common Marbled Carpet, Blair's Shoulder-knot, Snout, Beaded Chestnut, Black Rustic, Large and Lesser Yellow Underwings, Acleris variegana and Epiphyas postvittana. Singles of Silver Y were present on 12th and 26th, and one-offs included Pink-barred Sallow (2nd), Pale Mottled Willow (8th), Plutella porrectella (9th), Brown-spot Pinion (18th), Yellow-line Quaker (23rd), Svensson's Copper Underwing (24th), Mottled Umber, Red-line Quaker and Turnip Moth (all 25th), Large Wainscot (26th) and Sprawler (two specimens, 30th). Feathered Thorn began to be regular towards the end of the month."

~ Monday 29th October 2012 ~

Dave Maunder sent the following: "I thought you might be interested in these eggs (see photos below) obtained from a Barred Sallow moth last week - they're orange when first laid, turning to brown a few days later. More eggs to overwinter, along with my Canary-shouldered Thorn eggs!"

Barred Sallow eggs (newly laid)
Photo © Dave Maunder
Barred Sallow eggs (a few days old)
Photo © Dave Maunder
Canary-shouldered Thorn eggs
Photo © Dave Maunder

The following report came from Dave Wilton: "Garden list additions for 2012 here at Westcott, Bucks over the last week have included Udea ferrugalis (19th October) and Dark Chestnut (22nd October), while an Autumnal Moth was confirmed at Finemere Wood on the latter date. It was also good to see Figure of Eight doing well as usual at Finemere, with a combined total of 71 individuals recorded during visits to two different areas of the wood on the 20th and 22nd. A Vapourer was amongst 22 species in the garden trap on 24th October. This is the latest I've ever seen an adult although in Bucks the date has been equalled once before and bettered twice (30th October 2010 being the latest recorded example).
With thanks as usual to Peter Hall and his microscope, I now have confirmed IDs for a few more species from the second half of July which appear to be additional to the UTB list: Satyr Pug & Paratalanta hyalinalis (both 21st July near Princes Risborough), Coleophora saxicolella, Coleophora squamosella, Ptycholomoides aeriferanus & Grapholita janthinana (all 22nd July at Calvert), Coleophora lutipennella, Gelechia rhombella, Endothenia ustulana & Piniphila bifasciana (all 23rd July at Finemere Wood), Garden Dart, Syncopacma taeniolella, Blastodacna atra, Cnephasia longana & Hedya ochroleucana (all 24th July at Ivinghoe), Coleophora peribenanderi & Gelechia senticetella (both 25th July at Westcott), Paraswammerdamia albicapitella, Coleophora taeniipennella, Gelechia sororculella, Syncopacma larseniella, Phalonidia manniana & Epinotia cinereana (all 26th July in a private wood near Buckingham), Anacampsis populella (27th July at Westcott) and Bryotropha senectella & Coleophora sternipennella (both 27th July at Calvert). Coleophora squamosella and Epinotia cinereana were both new to Bucks. Epinotia cinereana (given Bradley & Fletcher number 1138a) has only recently been restored as a species in its own right after decades in the doldrums as a form of Epinotia nisella."

Epinotia cinereana
Photo © Dave Wilton
Garden Dart
Photo © Dave Wilton
Hedya ochroleucana
Photo © Dave Wilton

~ Friday 19th October 2012 ~

Dave Morris sent the following report today: "Some trappings from my Seer Green, Bucks garden over the last couple of nights. No new species for the list, but I was quite pleased with the high number of Figure of Eight which I understand have become rarer?
Wed 17 Oct - Figure of Eight (3), Silver Y (1), Dark Chestnut (1), Common Marbled Carpet (1), Green Brindled Crescent (1), Snout (1).
Thu 18 Oct - Figure of Eight (6), Red Green Carpet (2), Grey Pine Carpet (2), Common Marbled Carpet (5), Blair's Shoulder Knot (1), Emmelina monodactyla (1)."

Dave Wilton reports that, against the odds, the actinic trap in his garden at Westcott, Bucks on 18th October produced 26 species: "An amazing total for this October: Endrosis sarcitrella, Acleris variegana, Common Marbled Carpet, Red-green Carpet, Spruce Carpet, Feathered Thorn, Figure of Eight, Large Yellow Underwing, Lesser Yellow Underwing, Setaceous Hebrew Character, Black Rustic, Sprawler, Blair's Shoulder-knot, Green-brindled Crescent, Merveille du Jour, Satellite, Chestnut, Red-line Quaker, Yellow-line Quaker, Beaded Chestnut, Lunar Underwing, Pink-barred Sallow, Sallow, Angle Shades, Pale Mottled Willow & Burnished Brass. Additional species trapped over the previous few days included Deep-brown Dart (14th October), November Moth, Copper Underwing, Silver Y (all 15th October) and Barred Sallow, Dusky-lemon Sallow (both 17th October), so the season is far from over yet. Further searching for leaf-mines on 16th October produced several active mines of Phyllonorycter platani (new to the UTB All-time list) on London Plane in the Tring Road Tesco car-park in Aylesbury. A look the following day at the single tree to be found in the High Street here in Westcott produced more of the same. Considering that London Plane is an uncommon tree outside towns and cities, it is amazing to me that this tiny moth (which was only discovered in the UK in 1989) has managed to find its way to our village."

Marc Botham reported the following: "Amongst a modest and unremarkable catch last night (18th October) was my first Sprawler of the year and first Mottled Umber of this season at Warburg NR, Oxon."

Andy King sent this report: "Peter Hall and his microscope have been working overtime to identify some awkward Buckinghamshire moths for me and the list includes a number that are not so far registered on the 2012 list: Coleophora coracipennella in my back garden (Chorleywood) on 27 July and, in the same place on 19 August, Bactra lancealana and Cnephasia genitalana. Swammerdamia pyrella turned up to light beside the River Chess at Chesham on 9 August. Coleophora alcyonipennella was caught at Long Crendon where several people ran lights on 18 August. Two Bryotropha basaltinella were also present at Long Crendon. Gypsonoma aceriana was captured in Chesham on 9 August and Monopis crocicapitella (try saying that fast) turned up in my garage on 1 August (probably attracted by the litter in the snake cages there). I've put the last three at the end because they are also not on the UTB All-time list (see Moth Stats)."

Swammerdamia pyrella
Photo © Andy King
Monopis crocicapitella
Photo © Andy King

Dave Wilton sent this update: "A fully-grown Grey Dagger caterpillar was found on hawthorn in our garden at Westcott, Bucks on 8th October, while further additions to the year list trapped here over the past few days have included Barred Sallow (9th October), Yellow-line Quaker & Brick (both 10th October) and Pale November Moth (12th October). Compared to last year the numbers of individual species, particularly of the various Sallows, have been pitifully low but I suppose we were treated to an unusually warm October in 2011 and this one has been quite the opposite. Further searches for leaf-mines have been completed locally but the only species new to the UTB list has been Ectoedemia angulifasciella found on Dog Rose near Shalstone, Bucks on 6th October. However, a very successful leaf-mine day at Rushmere Park near Leighton Buzzard on 13th October by members of the Beds Moth Group and Bucks Invertebrate Group produced evidence of more than 50 moth species and a number of those found on the Bucks side of the county boundary are new to this year's UTB list: Bucculatrix cidarella (on Alder), Bucculatrix demaryella (on Birch), Bucculatrix ulmella (on Oak), Caloptilia rufipennella (on Sycamore), Ectoedemia argyropeza (on Aspen), Ectoedemia atricollis (on Apple), Heliozela sericiella (on Oak), Leucoptera spartifoliella (on Broom), Luffia ferchaultella (cases on an Oak trunk), Mompha terminella (on Enchanter's Nightshade), Parornix scoticella (on Rowan), Phyllonorycter kleemannella (on Alder), Phyllonorycter maestingella (on Beech), Phyllonorycter rajella (on Alder), Phyllonorycter ulmifoliella (on Birch), Stigmella betulicola (on Birch), Stigmella confusella (on Birch), Stigmella continuella (on Birch), Stigmella floslactella (on Hazel) & Stigmella luteella (on Birch)."

Grey Dagger larva
Photo © Dave Wilton
Pale November Moth
Photo © Dave Wilton
Mompha terminella larva & mine
Photo © Dave Wilton

Dave Maunder reported the following: "Found in my Aylesbury, Bucks garden on 14th October were Barred Sallow and Pink-barred Sallow (see photos)  - very pretty autumn moths. A selection of typical autumn moths found around Aylesbury recently include:- Feathered Thorn (first adult) (1, 14th October); Sallow moth (2); Barred Sallow (2); Pink-barred Sallow (1); Green-brindled Crescent (1); Large Ranunculus (6); Lunar Underwing (1); Red Underwing (1) and Blair's Shoulder-knot (4)."

Barred Sallow
Photo © Dave Maunder
Pink-barred Sallow
Photo © Dave Maunder

~ Sunday 14th October 2012 ~

Andy King sent this update today: "Another aborted trapping session, thanks to the rain. So I've sat down and run through the UTB list to see if I can add anything. Mostly, I've been beaten to it by other people, but there are a few Buckinghamshire leaf-mines I can add. Next to the River Chess in Chesham were mines of Acrolepia autumnitella in leaves of Woody Nightshade, nearby Phyllonorycter froelichiella on Alder trees (2nd October). On 5th October I found some Phyllonorycter nicellii mines in Hazel leaves near Chalfont St Giles and, in Chartridge, not far from Chesham, Phyllonorycter trifasciella mines, in Honeysuckle leaves in a shady lane (9th October)."

David Redhead sent the following news on 13th October: "The return of the sun after two dreary days resulted in some noticeable butterfly activity in our garden in Littlemore, Oxon on 12th October. By contrast my garden moth trap last night produced my worst ever result for October - just 2 Red-green Carpets!"

Darren Seaman sent this report on 12th October: "Another new moth for the year list, Orange Sallow (11/10) taken at actinic light in my Milton Keynes garden. Others new for the season this week: Large Ranunculus, Barred Sallow, Blair's Shoulder-knot and Green-brindled Crescent all on 4/10 and Pink-barred Sallow (5/10). Plus numerous Lunar Underwing, Sallow, Lesser Yellow Underwing, Garden Carpet but out-numbered by Common Marbled Carpet. Singles of Snout, Beaded Chestnut, Setaceous Hebrew Character, Spruce Carpet and Large Yellow Underwing were also caught."

Marc Botham reported the following: "My monthly survey at Harcourt Arboretum, Oxon yielded very few moths on 10th October but some may be new to the UTB list: Merveille du Jour (1); Pale November Moth (1) – gen. Det. MB 11/10/12; November Moth (1) – gen. Det. MB 11/10/12.
My first and second Bricks of this year's generation in my garden in Benson, Oxon over the two nights of 9th & 10th October as well my first Dark Chestnut of this generation on the 10th. Not seen many of the Sallows so far this year and after seeing Large Wainscot pretty much anywhere I trapped last year, and in good numbers, I’ve only seen 1 or 2 so far this year."

~ Tuesday 9th October 2012 ~

Marc Botham sent this report: "I've found another moth that I missed from my last report: Mecyna flavalis on the 10th August, in my garden in Benson, Oxon. I seem to get quite a few chalk species drifting over. Having struggled to get past 10 species of 30 moths for what seems like weeks now, last night (08/10/12) was somewhat of a surprise. Cloudy, mild, drizzle-dominated weather appears to have provided the best conditions for some time and I caught 165 moths of 23 species in my garden MV trap, predominantly made up of Lunar Underwing (41), Setaceous Hebrew Character (40), Large Yellow Underwing (27) and Black Rustic (19). Whilst not unusual for most years, I have had very poor catches so far this autumn so this was very welcome. The catch also included my first of the year Yellow-line Quakers (2) and first of this year’s generation Satellite (1) and Chestnut (2), as well as a Pearly Underwing."

Dave Wilton reported the following: "My first Beaded Chestnut & Satellite of the season appeared in the garden trap here at Westcott, Bucks on 30th September. They were followed on 1st October by Green-brindled Crescent & Red-line Quaker then on 4th October by Red-green Carpet & Blair's Shoulder-knot. On 1st October a half-grown Vapourer caterpillar was discovered on our hornbeam hedge, indicating an attempt at a second brood locally this year. A three-hour session with two MV lights at Calvert, Bucks on 1st October produced a very poor return (just 17 moths of 11 species) with Dusky Thorn, Figure of Eight & Bulrush Wainscot being the only items of any interest. During the day time, leaf-mines found on 29th September included Stigmella viscerella on elm (near Ford) and Bucculatrix albedinella on elm & Phyllonorycter esperella on hornbeam (both in Weedon). On 30th September a cocoon of Caloptilia falconipennella was found near Winslow inside a mine on alder, while mines of Stigmella hemargyrella & Stigmella tityrella were found on beech at Addington. On 3rd October sycamores in Mentmore churchyard produced mines of Phyllonorycter geniculella, while on 4th October near Mursley I found mines of Phyllonorycter acerifoliella on field maple and Phyllonorycter corylifoliella on hawthorn.
Thanks to Peter Hall and his microscope I've also had another batch of micro-moth IDs sorted out from late-June and the first half of July, including the following: Coleophora deauratella & Stenoptilia pterodactyla (Ivinghoe Hills 26th June), Coleophora follicularis (Westcott 27th June), Coleophora mayrella, Coleophora niveicostella, Biselachista cinereopunctella & Scrobipalpa artemesiella (all Ivinghoe Hills 27th June), Coleophora anatipennella & Coleophora glaucicolella (both Westcott 5th July), Coleophora trigeminella, Elachista biatomella, Eulamprotes atrella & Endothenia oblongana (all Ivinghoe Hills 5th July), Coleophora kuehnella & Elachista adscitella (both Finemere Wood 9th July) and Tischeria ekebladella (Ashridge Estate 17th July). Coleophora trigeminella was a first for Bucks, Coleophora follicularis, Coleophora niveicostella, Scrobipalpa artemesiella & Endothenia oblongana were all 2nd county records while Elachista biatomella was a 3rd county record (all six are new to the all-time UTB list)."

Vapourer larva
Photo © Dave Wilton

~ Friday 5th October 2012 ~

Marc Botham sent the following report: "As I was finishing putting my home trap data through mapmate the other night I noticed a few species not on the UTB list as yet:
Beaded Chestnut – 24th September
Blair's Shoulder-knot – 26th September
Deep-brown Dart – 1st October
Mallow (2) – 30th September
and this morning there was a Green-brindled Crescent in the trap from last night – 3rd October. Also I noticed a few species from the summer that haven’t been recorded so thought I’d add these records too:
Marbled Coronet - 1st, 2nd, 8th and 11th July
Festoon - 17th and 23rd July
Nutmeg - 10th August
Finally, a pretty micro which feeds on Spindle: Nephopterix angustella caught on the 4th September and for which I have attached a photograph (see below). All of these records are from my garden in Benson, Oxon (SU6288)."

Nephopterix angustella
Photo © Marc Botham

~ Wednesday 3rd October 2012 ~

David Redhead reported the following on 30th September: "On the 10th September I reported I was surprised to find a Poplar Hawkmoth in my first September garden mothtrap on the night of the 9th. Today I can report I was astounded to find a Poplar Hawkmoth in my second September garden mothtrap on the night of the 28th September. The latest sighting I can find in my previous records is 3rd September in 2005. Also in the trap were 5 Snout and singletons of Copper Underwing, Lesser Yellow Underwing, Lunar Underwing, Pink-barred Sallow & Red-green Carpet.

Poplar Hawkmoth
Photo © David Redhead

Also, I had news from Martin Townsend that he had a Convolvulus Hawkmoth in his Cowley, Oxford garden."

Dave Wilton sent this update on 28th September: "Over the last ten days only Deep-brown Dart (21st September) and Mallow (26th September) have been added to my garden year list here at Westcott, Bucks. On the latter date, because thundery showers were forecast all night I tried running the actinic light inside our conservatory and at dawn there were 30 moths spread around the outside of the windows: Acleris variegana (1), Common Marbled Carpet (1), Mallow (1), Brimstone Moth (1), Canary-shouldered Thorn (2), Lesser Yellow Underwing (1), Setaceous Hebrew Character (2), Deep-brown Dart (2), Black Rustic (1), Lunar Underwing (17) & Pale Mottled Willow (1). Not a bad result and because the moths all landed on vertical window surfaces I didn't have the usual problem of finding a number of them upside down, glued to a sopping wet sheet under the trap! While out and about looking for leaf-mines near Haddenham, Bucks on 22nd September I found examples of Stigmella ulmivora & Phyllonorycter tristrigella on elm, Phyllonorycter coryli on hazel and Stigmella plagicolella on blackthorn (along with a half-grown Dark Dagger caterpillar). Back at Westcott on 27th September I discovered several mines of Stigmella lemniscella on elm in the garden, while near Upper Winchendon, Bucks on 28th September I found mines of Stigmella aceris & Phyllonorycter platanoidella on maple. On the latter date two adults of Phyllonorycter messaniella emerged from leaf-mines on oak collected from Finemere Wood on the 15th September."

Dark Dagger larva
Photo © Dave Wilton
Stigmella lemniscella
Photo © Dave Wilton
Phyllonorycter messaniella
Photo © Dave Wilton

~ Thursday 27th September 2012 ~

Wendy Wilson sent this report: "On 8th September, at Billet Lane PYO fruit farm in Iver, Bucks I spotted a 3-year old child peering excitedly at this Lime Hawkmoth larva crossing the path. As she was intent on stamping on it, I rescued it and took it home where it took two days to pupate. I look forward to its emergence next spring."

Lime Hawkmoth larva
Photo © Wendy Wilson
Lime Hawkmoth pupa
Photo © Wendy Wilson

Dave Maunder sent the following: "A few early autumn moths are appearing here in Aylesbury, Bucks now including:- Large Ranunculus (2, 22nd); Sallow moths (3, 23rd); Lunar Underwings (5, 21st); Dusky Thorns (2, both in garden trap, 18th+21st); Snout moth (1); still quite a few Large/Lesser Yellow Underwings, Square-spot Rustics and Setaceous Hebrew Characters. Also, my Maple Prominent larvae are all 5th instar or pupating, so doing ok with these."

Dusky Thorn
Photo © Dave Maunder
Maple Prominent larvae
Photo © Dave Maunder

~ Saturday 22nd September 2012 ~

Dave Morris reported the following: "More trapping in Seer Green, Bucks on 20th September and one new moth for the list: Garden Carpet (2), Garden Rose Tortrix (Acleris variegana) (1), Common Marbled Carpet (2), Lesser Yellow Underwing (3), Square-spot Rustic (1), Large Yellow Underwing (3), Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing (1), Silver Y (1), Emmelina monodactyla (1), Large Ranunculus (1)."

Large Ranunculus
Photo © Dave Morris

Dave Wilton sent this update on 21st September: "I've had very little of interest to the garden actinic trap at Westcott, Bucks over the past ten days. The only new species have been Acleris hastiana (12th September), Brown-spot Pinion (13th September, a welcome guest appearance from a common moth that I don't often see here), Lunar Underwing (15th September), Dusky-lemon Sallow (also 15th September) and Pink-barred Sallow (20th September). Apart from the lack of Silver Y, the garden catch on 20th September was fairly typical of those over the period: Common Marbled Carpet (4), Brimstone Moth (1), Dusky Thorn (1, eighth garden record this year, making a come-back locally?), Light Emerald (1, second brood), Turnip (1), Large Yellow Underwing (3), Lesser Yellow Underwing (1), Setaceous Hebrew Character (13), Square-spot Rustic (3), Black Rustic (4), Centre-barred Sallow (1), Lunar Underwing (4), Pink-barred Sallow (1), Sallow (1), Copper Underwing (1), Mouse Moth (1, having an excellent year here, this being the 33rd individual caught), Dark Arches (1), Pale Mottled Willow (1) & Burnished Brass (1). Elsewhere locally, Caloptilia syringella, Ypsolopha sylvella & Sallow were caught at a private wood near Buckingham on 16th September and Barred Sallow was one of only 19 moths of 13 species trapped in Finemere Wood on 17th September.
I can give another small boost to the year's total thanks to further IDs kindly provided by Peter Hall for moths caught during June, which included: Coleophora albidella, Coleophora alticolella, Coleophora lusciniaepennella, Elachista gleichenella & Gypsonoma sociana (all from a private wood near Buckingham on 19th June), Bryotropha politella & Cnephasia incertana (both from Ivinghoe Beacon on 20th June, the former being a first for Bucks), Aethes cnicana (from Finemere Wood on 24th June) and Coleophora ibipennella (from Calvert on 25th June)."

Paul Warham sent this sighting: "On 18/9/12, a Hummingbird Hawkmoth briefly visited the abelia flowers on my patio in Marlow, Bucks - my first sighting this year."

Peter Cuss sent this report: "A couple of sightings to report from where I work (Bradfield College, Berks). On 18/09/12 a Hummingbird Hawkmoth was feeding on Buddleia and on 19th September I found a Red Underwing sitting on a wall."

Marc Botham sent the following: "A few moths that I caught recently that may be of interest either as not on the website already or because generally of interest: MV Robinson trap in garden near Crowmarsh Gifford, Oxon (VC23: SU6288), 17/09/12 - Pink-barred Sallow; 18/09/12 - Dusky-lemon Sallow. To wine ropes (same location) on 04/09/12 - Brown-spot Pinion."

Steve Goddard sent this update: "Here's a set of records for the last few days from my garden in Wolvercote, Oxford. The main thing of interest probably is the Single-dotted Waves, which I believe are very late.
15th September 2012 - Acleris variegana 1, Brimstone 1, Brown-spot Pinion 1, Centre-barred Sallow 1, Epiphyas postvittana 4, Garden Carpet 3, Green Carpet 1, Large Yellow Underwing 3, Lesser Yellow Underwing 4, Mother of pearl 1, Scoparia pyralella 1, Setaceous Hebrew Character 4, Small China-mark 2, Snout 2, Square-spot Rustic 10, Vine's Rustic 2 and Willow Beauty 1.
16th September 2012 - Acleris variegana 1, Brimstone 1, Centre-barred Sallow 2, Copper Underwing 1, Cydia splendana 1, Epiphyas postvittana 5, Garden Carpet 1, Green Carpet 1, Large Yellow Underwing 4, Lesser Yellow Underwing 1, Nomophila noctuella 1, Snout 2 and Square-spot Rustic 11.
17th September 2012 - Acleris laterana 1, Bordered Beauty 2, Brimstone 3, Centre-barred Sallow 2, Common Marbled Carpet 6, Epiphyas postvittana 4, Large Yellow Underwing 2, Lesser Yellow Underwing 1, Lunar Underwing 3, Mother of pearl 1, Rosy Rustic 1, Scoparia pyralella 1, Setaceous Hebrew Character 1, Silver Y 1, Single-dotted Wave 2, Small Square-spot 1, Snout 4 and Square-spot Rustic 9.
18th September 2012 - Acleris variegana 1, Angle Shades 1, Bordered Beauty 1, Common Marbled Carpet 1, Emmelina monodactyla 1, Epiphyas postvittana 1, Eudonia angustea 1, Garden Carpet 1, Large Yellow Underwing 3, Lesser Yellow Underwing 4, Lunar Underwing 1, Rosy Rustic 1, Setaceous Hebrew Character 1, Silver Y 2, Single-dotted Wave 1, Square-spot Rustic 6, Turnip Moth 1 and Vine's Rustic 2.
20th September 2012 - Pale Mottled Willow 1, Setaceous Hebrew Character 2 and Square-spot Rustic 1.
21st September 2012 - Acleris variegana 1, Angle Shades 1, Brimstone 3, Centre-barred Sallow 2, Common Marbled Carpet 6, Epinotia nisella 1, Epiphyas postvittana 7, Garden Carpet 1, Green Carpet 1, Large Yellow Underwing 5, Lesser Yellow Underwing 4, Lunar Underwing 4, Plutella porrectella 1, Rhopobota naevana 1, Scoparia pyralella 1, Setaceous Hebrew Character 5, Silver Y 1, Single-dotted Wave 1, Snout 12, Square-spot Rustic 6 and Vine's Rustic 1.
22nd September 2012 - Lesser Yellow Underwing 4, Lunar Underwing 5, Scoparia pyralella 1, Snout 1, Square-spot Rustic 2 and Vine's Rustic 1."

~ Monday 17th September 2012 ~

Dave Morris reported as follows: "My largest haul for some while last night (16th September) in Seer Green, Bucks with one new sp. for the list. Lunar Underwing (1), Common Marbled Carpet (3), Large Yellow Underwing (6), Willow Beauty (1), Tawny-barred Angle (1), Brimstone (1), Square-spot Rustic (1), Setaceous Hebrew Character (2), Common Wainscot (1), Snout (2) and Garden Rose Tortrix (Acleris variegana)(3)."

Lunar Underwing
Photo © Dave Morris

Steve Goddard sent the following list of moths, all trapped in his garden in Wolvercote, Oxford: "Here a list for the last few nights. Nothing wildly unexpected, but the Dark Sword-grass for the 13th is probably quite an interesting immigrant and the Marbled Beauty for the 14th is a very late record (Peter Hall has confirmed the I.D. from a photo).
11th September 2012 - Brimstone Moth 1, Burnished Brass 3 (2 juncta, 1 aurea), Common Marbled Carpet 1, Copper/Svensson's Copper Underwing 4, Garden Carpet 1, Large Yellow Underwing 13, Lesser Yellow Underwing 7, Pale Mottled Willow 1, Red Underwing 1, Rosy Rustic 1, Setaceous Hebrew Character 4, Silver Y 4, Small China Mark 1, Snout 3, Square-spot Rustic 16 & Vine's Rustic 1.
12th September 2012 - Large Yellow Underwing 3, Lesser Yellow Underwing 3, Scoparia pyralella 1, Square-spot Rustic 6, Svensson's Copper Underwing 1.
13th September 2012 - Dark Sword-grass 1, Large Yellow Underwing 2, Lesser Yellow Underwing 1 & Square-spot Rustic 2.
14th September 2012 - Burnished Brass 1, Celypha lacunana 1, Common Marbled Carpet 1, Common Wainscot 1, Epinotia nisella 2, Large Yellow Underwing 4, Lesser Yellow Underwing 8, Marbled Beauty 1, Mother of pearl 1, Setaceous Hebrew Character 8, Silver Y 3, Snout 2, Square-spot Rustic 6 & Vine's Rustic 2."

Rob Payne sent this report: "I have had a couple of decent records at my flat in Langley, Berkshire recently: Hoary Footman (male) on 22nd August which looks like it is new to this year's UTB list (confirmed by Peter Hall) and Cypress Pug on 3rd September. Also two older records recently which are new to the UTB 2012 as well: Coleophora spinella (male) on the 15th July and Strophedra nitidana (male) 29th June - both trapped near Beaconsfield, Bucks and confirmed by Peter Hall."

Hoary Footman
Photo © Rob Payne
Cypress Pug
Photo © Rob Payne

Dave Wilton reported the following: "Further additions to my year list here in mid-Bucks have included Feathered Gothic (Westcott, 26th August), Plutella porrectella (Westcott, 28th August), Agonopterix purpurea (Calvert 28th August), Centre-barred Sallow (Westcott, 2nd September), Agonopterix kaekeritziana, Adaina microdactyla & Hedge Rustic (all Ivinghoe Beacon, 3rd September), Ypsolopha sequella (Westcott 4th September), Frosted Orange (Westcott, 6th September), Black Rustic (Westcott, 7th September), Acleris rhombana, Autumnal Rustic & Brindled Green (all Steps Hill, 7th September), Acleris emargana (Finemere Wood, 8th September) and Pinion-streaked Snout (Calvert, 9th September).
I would echo David Redhead's comment about Pinion-streaked Snout: five came to light at Calvert on the 9th but I saw no sign there of the first brood earlier in the year! It is now leaf-mine searching time again and here in the garden at Westcott I've already noticed active mines of Phyllonorycter blancardella, Phyllonorycter leucographella & Callisto denticulella on apple (all 5th September) and Stigmella microtheriella on hornbeam (7th September)."

~ Monday 10th September 2012 ~

Andy King sent this news: "Peter Hall has either confirmed or identified some more Buckinghamshire moths for me and some of them were not on the UTB 2012 list when I looked. Dichrorampha vancouverana is a small brown moth, marked with an orange crescent. Several were flying around a layby on the A41 near Drayton Beauchamp on 4 July. Near Aston Clinton I found three moths on 8 July, two of which were new to me, I'm pleased to say: Platyptilia pallidactyla (Yarrow Plume), Pimpinel Pug and Rufous Minor. A Coleophora serratella larval case I had found on Stoke Common, near Fulmer, on 21 May produced an adult in July. At Philipshill Wood on 23 July a Yarrow Pug came to my light-trap. On 21 July Dave Wilton, Jeremy Palmer, Paul Wareham and I ran some light-traps on a private site at Windsor Hill and saw a number of moths, including Paraswammerdamia nebulella (= P.lutarea). Of interest (to me at least) was a female Satin Beauty, completely ignoring all the lights and intent on laying eggs on a Juniper bush. Several of us were pleased to see some fresh-out, well-marked Juniper Pugs for the first time in our lives."

Pimpinel Pug
Photo © Andy King
Paraswammerdamia nebulella
Photo © Andy King

Dave Morris sent the following: "It's been a while since I've had anything worth reporting from my garden trap in Seer Green, Bucks. I'm getting mostly Large Yellow Underwings, Flounced Rustic and Agriphila geniculea, but last night I had an Acleris rhombana which doesn't seem to be on this year's list yet."

David Redhead sent this report: "In favourable conditions my overnight garden moth trap in Littlemore, Oxon on 1st September produced just 46 macro-moths from 19 species. Thus I can't disagree with Chris Bottrell's recent analysis that moth numbers are down by about 50% as at this time of year I would expect the macro-moth count in my garden traps to still be in three figures with about two dozen species represented. However, it does appear to have produced a new addition to the UTB 2012 list with two Pinion-streaked Snout - what happened to the first brood? A surprise was a very fresh looking Poplar Hawkmoth as it was absent from my last two traps in mid-August - evidence for a partial second brood in spite of the awful summer? First place was shared by the Brimstone Moth and the Large Yellow Underwing with 7 apiece."

~ Friday 31st August 2012 ~

Chris Bottrell sent this update on 31st August: "The August round-up from my Merton (Oxon) garden: 01/08 - 136 moths of 53 species; 04/08 - 33 of 18; 08/08 - 148 of 49; 11/08 - 149 of 45; 15/08 - 82 of 29; 18/08 - 236 of 56; 23/08 - 121 of 32; 26/08 - 72 of 21; 30/08 - 48 of 16. However the only species not on the list at the time of posting is Rosy Rustic, a singleton taken on the 18/08. Looking at the figures for my garden over the last three years up until the end of August would suggest that numbers at this location are down by 50%:
2010 - 34 sessions - 3353 moths = 98.62 per session
2011 - 65 sessions - 6536 moths = 100.55 per session
2012 - 68 sessions - 3414 moths = 50.21 per session."

Dave Maunder sent these sightings on 30th August: "More moths found in Aylesbury, Bucks recently include:- Red Underwings (2); Bulrush Wainscot (1, female); Maple Prominent (1, female - laid 40+ eggs for me, so more larvae to rear soon if eggs are fertile!); Orange Swift (1); Silver Y (2); Flounced Rustic (1); Yellow Shell (2); Pyrausta aurata (1). Also in my garden trap on 27th August: Orange Swift (4); Centre-barred Sallow (1); Dark Arches (1); Cabbage moth (1); Square-spot Rustic (4); Flounced Rustic (6); Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing (1); Lesser Yellow Underwing (7); Large Yellow Underwing (5); Common Rustic agg. (2); Udea ferrugalis (1); Mother Of Pearl (2); Agriphila geniculea (1); Argyrotaenia ljungiana (1); Amblyptilia acanthadactyla (1); Brimstone moth (2); Garden Carpet (1) and Riband Wave (1)."

Maple Prominent
Photo © Dave Maunder

Andy King sent this update on 29th August: "Not much for me to report, lately, but Peter Hall has kindly been identifying or confirming quite a large number of moths for me and nine of them don't appear to be in this year's list of sightings. In no particular order they are: Phyllonorycter schreberella (7th June), which emerged from a collection of leaf-mines from Philipshill Wood, Bucks (near Chorleywood); Ectoedemia albifasciella (19th June), Epinotia nanana (12th June) and Tinea pellionella (25th June) from my home in Chorleywood, Bucks; Coleophora flavipennella (2nd June) from a pupal case on Chorleywood Common; Cnephasia asseclana from the Weedon Hill area, near Amersham in Bucks; from College Lake Nature Reserve (just inside Bucks, near Tring) Stigmella aurella (trapped in a bird hide) (23rd June) and Dichrorampha aeratana (1st June). A number of Elachista triatomea were disturbed in short grass on Ivinghoe Beacon (Bucks) on 23rd June. The last two are also not in the UTB all-time list and Peter believes the Dichrorampha aeratana is only the second Bucks record. The Epinotia nanana (excellent name) was only a hundred metres from Hertfordshire, where only one has been recorded in the last forty-six years. It was very small and appeared somewhat darker than the photo shows. The Tinea is related to the clothes moths and was collected from snake-cage-sweepings."

Epinotia nanana
Photo © Andy King
Tinea pellionella
Photo © Andy King

Adam Hartley reported the following: "I'm still getting good numbers of Large Yellow Underwing and Willow Beauty in my trap in central Oxford. Recently I've also been recording quite a few Double-striped Pugs, Garden Carpets & Green Carpets, Setaceous Hebrew Characters and Treble-bars. Also of note were a Marbled Beauty and a Vine's Rustic on 29th August."

Marbled Beauty
Photo © Adam Hartley
Vine's Rustic
Photo © Adam Hartley

Darren Seaman sent the following: "I've had a couple more moths for the year list, Gold Spot and Centre-barred Sallow both caught on the 27th August in my Actinic trap in Milton Keynes."

Gold Spot
Photo © Darren Seaman
Centre-barred Sallow
Photo © Darren Seaman

Dave Wilton sent the following on 27th August: "A few more new species recorded on 23rd August were Small Square-spot & Rosy Rustic (both at Westcott, Bucks) and Elachista maculicerusella & Bulrush Wainscot (both at Latimer, Bucks). With thanks to Peter Hall and his microscope I also have a number of micro-moth additions from mid-Bucks dating back to May and early June, as follows: Elachista humilis (Finemere Wood, 16th May), Pammene splendidulana (Calvert, 19th May), Parornix anglicella, Phyllonorycter salicicolella & Pammene argyrana (all from a private wood near Buckingham, 22nd May), Mompha miscella (Ivinghoe Hills, 23rd May), Heliozela hammoniella (Bernwood, 24th May), Nematopogon schwarziellus, Parornix finitimella, Deltaornix torquillella, Cosmiotes freyerella, Elachista atricomella, Cnephasia asseclana & Epiblema cirsiana (all Ivinghoe Hills, 24th May), Stigmella tityrella, Caloptilia robustella, Parornix devoniella & Elachista gangabella (all Ivinghoe Hills, 26th May), Parornix betulae (Finemere Wood, 27th May), Coleophora caespititiella (Calvert, 28th May), Ectoedemia occultella (Bernwood, 30th May), Endothenia marginana & Dichrorampha plumbana (both Westcott, 1st June) and Bryotropha affinis (Westcott, 5th June). Mompha miscella seems to be new to the all-time UTB list."

Mompha miscella
Photo © Dave Wilton

Tony Rayner sent this report: "We had two similar moths in our Cholsey (Oxon) garden on 26th August - an Old Lady and a Red Underwing, the latter rested on our barn wall all day and was still there at 20.55 hrs. We also have had large numbers of Hornet Robber Flies recently - we counted 46 on the 22nd!"

Old Lady
Photo © Tony Rayner

~ Thursday 23rd August 2012 ~

Nigel Partridge sent this sighting: "One more from the garden trap (Loosley Row, Bucks): Yponomeuta plumbella, 22-08-12."

Dave Wilton sent this update on 23rd August: "Here are a few more moth species from mid-Bucks over the past ten days which may still be new to the UTB list: Argyresthia semifusca & Clavigesta purdeyi (Westcott, 11th August), Argyrotaenia ljungiana (Westcott, 14th August), Epinotia ramella & Square-spotted Clay (Steps Hill, 14th August), Ypsolopha horridella, Narrow-winged Pug & Cypress Pug (Westcott, 17th August), Six-striped Rustic, Twin-spotted Wainscot, Large Wainscot & Fen Wainscot (Calvert Jubilee, 17th August), Dusky Thorn (Westcott, 19th August), Epermenia falciformis (Finemere Wood, 19th August) and Loxostege sticticalis, Pale Eggar & Vestal (Westcott, 20th August). It was particularly nice to see some interesting immigrants on the 20th, Loxostege sticticalis and Vestal being accompanied to Westcott by a couple of examples of Nomophila noctuella (Rush Veneer)."

Fen Wainscot
Photo © Dave Wilton
Photo © Dave Wilton
Loxostege sticticalis
Photo © Dave Wilton

Paul Reading sent this report on 20th August: "The following moths were all found in or on the outside of the moth trap in my garden in Amersham, Bucks: Pebble Hook-tip, Riband Wave, Endotricha flammealis and Iron Prominent."

Pebble Hook-tip
Photo © Paul Reading
Iron Prominent
Photo © Paul Reading
Endotricha flammealis
Photo © Paul Reading

Ched George sent the following: "Now the cold weather is on us the autumn species are hatching. A Feathered Gothic in Radnage, Bucks on 19th August."

Adam Bassett sent this news: "I had a Nemapogon clematella in my garden in Marlow Bottom, Bucks on August 17th, not currently on the year list."

Nemapogon clematella
Photo © Adam Bassett

Alan Gudge reported the following: "We set a trap in our garden in Little Frieth, Bucks on 17th August and were rewarded with 29 species of moth. The highlight was a Jersey Tiger. This is the second record of the species in our garden, the first being on National Moth Night in 2007, which was then the first record of the species for Bucks. They must like our garden!"

Jersey Tiger
Photo © Juliet Gudge

Nigel Partridge sent this report: "A couple more from the garden trap (Loosley Row, Bucks). Epermenia falciformis 12-08-12. Thanks to Peter Hall's dissection skills. Ypsolopha sequella 17-08-12."

Dave Maunder sent the following: "Like Adam Hartley (see report below), I've had a big increase in Willow Beauty, Brimstone, Common Rustic and Yellow Underwing species over the last few days here in Aylesbury, Bucks. Also a few Square-spot Rustics, my first Flounced Rustics (2 on 13th), Yellow-barred Brindle (2), Small Scallop (1, 13th), Magpie moths (4) and on a visit to Grangelands Reserve (Bucks) on 11th August I found 13 Striped Lychnis larvae on the Dark Mulleins there, plus 2 Treble-bar moths. My 16 Lappet larvae have now changed to 3rd instar and have settled down nicely on a potted Sallow shrub in my garden."

Lappet larvae, 3rd instar
Photo © Dave Maunder

~ Friday 17th August 2012 ~

Darren Seaman reported the following: "I had a Brindled Green on 10th August, in my actinic trap in my Milton Keynes garden."

Adam Hartley sent this report from Oxford on 14th August: "In the last couple of days I've been catching lots of Large Yellow Underwing, Brimstone, Willow Beauty, Riband Wave and Common Rustic sp. Other moths have included: Yellow-barred Brindle, Common Carpet, Garden Carpet, Red Twin-spot Carpet, Copper Underwing, Red Underwing and Setaceous Hebrew Character. I've also caught a couple of Agriphila geniculea (on 14th August) which don't appear to be on the area year list."

Copper Underwing
Photo © Adam Hartley
Red Underwing
Photo © Adam Hartley
Setaceous Hebrew Character
Photo © Adam Hartley

~ Monday 13th August 2012 ~

This report came from Wendy Wilson: "On 17th July I found a large green caterpillar on a Japanese anemone in my Gerrards Cross, Bucks garden. I could not identify it so I kept it and it pupated two days later. Today, 13th August, an Angle Shades moth emerged from the pupa and, after photographing it from all angles, I placed it on a buddleia. It reacted immediately and poked its proboscis into a floret and started nectaring."

Angle Shades larva
Photo © Wendy Wilson
Angle Shades & pupa case
Photo © Wendy Wilson

Steve Goddard sent the following: "The following moths were caught in my garden in Wolvercote, Oxford on 10th August: a couple of Orange Swift and a couple of Square-spot Rustic."

Dave Wilton sent this update: "The following moths from mid-Bucks that I've seen over the past ten days may still be new to this year's list: Aphelia paleana/Timothy Tortrix (1st August, Westcott), Epinotia solandriana (1st August, Finemere Wood), Vapourer (first adult) (2nd August, Finemere Wood), Aproaerema anthyllidella (3rd August, Westcott), Annulet (3rd August, Ivinghoe Beacon), Coleophora hemerobiella (4th August, Westcott), Orange Swift & Copper Underwing (8th August, Westcott), Acleris aspersana, Acleris laterana, Oidaematophorus lithodactyla, Square-spot Rustic (first adult) & Rosy Minor (9th August, Ivinghoe Beacon), Red Underwing (10th August, Westcott) and Psoricoptera gibbosella (10th August, Finemere Wood). The single Annulet at Ivinghoe on 3rd August was followed by over a dozen more to light there on 9th August so it is good to know that this uncommon moth of calcareous grassland is still well established on the Ashridge Estate."

Photo © Dave Wilton
Rosy Minor
Photo © Dave Wilton

Dave Morris sent this report: "Out of my catch in Seer Green, Bucks on 9th August of 112 moths of 45 species, there were high numbers of Mottled Beauty, Riband Wave, Lesser Broad-barred Yellow Underwing plus various other common species. Also in the catch I had Pebble Prominent, Pale Prominent, Ruby Tiger, Yellow-tail, Wax Moth (Galleria mellonella) and Trachycera advenella."

Galleria mellonella (Wax moth)
Photo © Dave Morris

Marc Botham reported the following: "Some interesting moths recorded recently have included: Devon Carpet SP50 (South Oxford: VC22) on 03/08/12; Kent Black Arches SU59 (Little Wittenham: VC22) on 31/07/12; Red-necked Footman x 2 SP50 (South Oxford: VC22) on 04/07/12 and x1 at same place on 25/06/12 + x 1 at Harcourt Arboretum (SU5598: South Oxford VC23) on 29/06/12."

David Redhead sent this report: "My rather dilatory mothing this year has managed to add my second all time new species for my local patch in Littlemore, Oxon - the first was a Six-spot Burnet Moth seen on 24th July which I did not bother to report because I had reported the first in the area a few days before, so this one was only exciting to me. My second, found in my overnight garden moth trap of 26th July, Evergestis pallidata, has proved more exciting. Although it seems to have been reported to the UTB website in most years I thought I would let Martin Corley know and got the following reply: 'Unless there is an old record, there appear to be no vc 23 records of this species. This is a bit surprising as there are quite a number of Berkshire records.' I do live within a quarter of a kilometre of what moth-ers still call Berkshire. Anyway it still appears new to the UTB website for this year. Below is a rather poor photo. I also caught a Copper Underwing in my garden moth trap of the 2nd August. Bit surprised this still stands as new for 2012 UTB record as we have also had one in the bedroom since and not the one I caught which I am afraid lost some scales during the identification process. I am continuing to regularly pick up the "very local" Nemophora metallica on my nearby field scabious. Always a male based on the inordinate length of the antennae and only ever one at a time."

Evergestis pallidata
Photo © David Redhead

Wendy Wilson sent the following: "On Wednesday 8th August, whilst butterflying between Aylesbury and Milton Keynes, I disturbed 2 Udea lutealis among thistles and brambles at Aston Abbotts. On Monday 6th August at Asheridge, near Chesham, Bucks I spotted 2 Treble-bar and 2 Shaded Broad-bar."

Udea lutealis
Photo © Wendy Wilson

~ Tuesday 7th August 2012 ~

Dave Maunder sent the following: "Last night, 6th August, in my garden trap here in Aylesbury, Bucks I caught:- Dotted Rustic (1 - a first for my garden); my first Square-spot Rustic of the year; Iron Prominent (1); Pale Prominent (1); White Satin (1); Common Footman (1); Straw Underwing (1); Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwings (5); Large Yellow Underwings (2); Dark Arches (5); Dot moths (4); Heart and Darts (3); Pale Mottled Willow (1); Scalloped Oak (1), and Carcina quercana (1). I've got 16 Lappet moth larvae feeding up nicely in a box!"

Dotted Rustic
Photo © Dave Maunder
Lappet larvae
Photo © Dave Maunder

Adam Bassett sent this report from Marlow Bottom, Bucks: "A bit inactive on mothing this year, but Nemapogon wolffiella on the kitchen window on 4th August appears to be new for the UTB year list."

Nemapogon wolffiella
Photo © Adam Bassett

Nigel Partridge sent this update: "A couple more from the garden trap (Loosley Row, Bucks):
04-08-12 - Bordered Pug, Flounced Rustic and also Pammene aurita on 21-07-12 (thanks to Peter Hall for confirming the ID)."

Pammene aurita
Photo © Nigel Partridge

Mary Elford sent this report of a trapping session held at Sydlings Copse, Oxon: "On 29th/30th July Paul Waring led a moth trapping event at Sydlings Copse (by kind permission of BBOWT) for members of BENHS. During the day Six-spot Burnets were abundant on the knapweed and a Scarlet Tiger was also seen close to the fen area. 3 traps were set up for the overnight session. There were 128 macro-moths of 40 species in the first Robinson trap on the limestone grassland, 282 macros of 62 species in the second Robinson, and 66 macro-moths of 27 species in the actinic trap in the fenland. According to Ron Louch, four of the species are new for the site: Nut-tree Tussock, Coronet, Pine Hawkmoth and Haworth's Pug, bringing the site total to 328 species of macro-moths.
Macros: September Thorn, Dark Arches, Clouded Border, Pebble Prominent, Yellow Tail, Scarce Footman, Common Footman, Nut-tree Tussock, Small Rivulet, Peppered Moth, Bright-line Brown-eye, Large Yellow Underwing, Rustic, Poplar Hawkmoth, Engrailed, Common Rustic, Dusky Sallow, Heart and Dart, Poplar Grey, Willow Beauty, Coronet (brown and green forms), Dun-bar, Black Arches, Drinker, Setaceous Hebrew Character, Lesser Yellow Underwing, July Highflyer, Small Emerald, Common Carpet, Red Twin-spot Carpet, Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing, Smoky Wainscot, Double Square-spot, Brown-line Bright-eye, Grey Dagger, Buff Ermine, Clay, White Satin, Buff Tip, Common Emerald, Riband Wave, Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing, Haworth's Pug, Straw Underwing, Minor Shoulder-knot, Lime-speck Pug, Ruby Tiger, Flame, Small Dotted Buff, Single-dotted Wave, Dingy Footman, Early Thorn, Silver Y, Rosy Footman, V-Pug, Common Wainscot, Straw Dot, Chocolate Tip, Slender Brindle, Pebble Hook-tip, Coxcomb Prominent, Pale Mottled Willow, Fan-foot, Swallow Prominent, Lesser Swallow Prominent, Common White Wave, Small Phoenix, Mottled Rustic, Campion, Pine Hawkmoth.
Micros recorded: Pterophorus pentadactyla (White Plume Moth), Pleuroptya ruralis (Mother of Pearl), Perinephela lancealis, Pyrausta purpuralis, Endotricha flammealis."

Six-spot Burnet
Photo © Mary Elford

Dave Morris reported the following: "After a week away in Wales trapping some fantastic moths, below are some lists from my garden in Seer Green, Bucks last week. There are one or two (currently) new species for the list on each day.
1st Aug - Argyresthia cupressella (1 - pending confirmation), Pleuroptya ruralis (Mother of Pearl) (4), Endotricha flammealis (1), Trachycera advenella (2), Maiden's Blush (1), Least Carpet (1), Single-dotted Wave (1), Riband Wave (1), July Highflier (1), Scorched Carpet (1), Early Thorn (1), Scalloped Oak (4), Mottled Beauty (3), Common White Wave (1), Common Footman (1), Large Yellow Underwing (1), Double Square-spot (1), Coronet (1), Dark Arches (3), Common Rustic agg. (7).
2nd Aug - Ypsolopha scabrella (2), Acleris variegana (Garden Rose Tortrix) (1), Endotricha flammealis (1), Dwarf Cream Wave (1), Riband Wave (12), Magpie Moth (1), August Thorn (1), Early Thorn (2), Scalloped Oak (6), Willow Beauty (1), Mottled Beauty (4), Iron Prominent (1), Buff Footman (1), Common Footman (1), Dark Arches (1), Common Rustic agg. (1), Uncertain (1), Nut-tree Tussock (1).
3rd Aug - Ypsolopha dentella (Honeysuckle Moth) (1), Nomophila noctuella (Rush Veneer) (1), Pyralis farinalis (Meal Moth) (1), Least Carpet (1), Dwarf Cream Wave (1), Riband Wave (5), Garden Carpet (1), Common Carpet (1), Early Thorn (1), Scalloped Oak (2), Buff Footman (1), Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing (1), Bright-line Brown-eye (1)."

Rob Payne sent this update: "Here are more of the moths that we had on the 27th/28th July at Otmoor RSPB, Oxon (see report below). These were the ones which required confirmation i.e. Common and Lesser Common Rustic, Ear Moth and Grey Dagger and ones that were missed or turned up on other lists.
Scrobipalpa costella, Brachmia blandella, Blastodacna hellerella, Cochylimorpha straminea, Acleris laterana/comariana, Endothenia quadrimaculana, Bactra furfurana, Eucosma hohenwartiana, Eucosma cana, Chilo phragmitella, Chrysoteuchia culmella, Crambus perlella, Eudonia mercurella, Phlyctaenia coronata, Udea prunalis, Trachycera advenella, Emmelina monodactyla, Acleris variegana (Garden Rose Tortrix), Marbled Orchard Tortrix (Hedya nubiferana), Ringed China-mark (Parapoynx stratiotata), Mother of Pearl (Pleuroptya ruralis), White Plume Moth (Pterophorus pentadactyla), Small Blood-vein, Yellow Shell, Small Rivulet, Bordered Beauty, Black Arches, Lesser Yellow Underwing, Common Wainscot, Grey Dagger, Common Rustic, Lesser Common Rustic, Ear Moth, Crescent and Silky Wainscot."

~ Wednesday 1st August 2012 ~

Dave Maunder sent these moth sightings: "Moths I've seen in the Aylesbury (Bucks) area over the last few weeks include:- Lappet moth (a rather worn female came to my garden trap on 25th July and laid 20 eggs for me); Privet Hawkmoth (also female in garden trap, laid 10 eggs for me), so hopefully I'll have my hands full rearing larvae in the future! Other species were:- Poplar Hawks (2); Privet Hawk (1,male); White Satins (3); Yellow-tail (1); Miller moth (1); Small Ranunculus (3); Broad-barred White (1); Dun-bar (3); Pebble Hook-tip (1); Chinese Character (1); Dark Spinach (1, 23rd); Leopard moths (2); Broad-bordered Yellow Underwings (4); Least Yellow Underwings (2); Early Thorn (2); Herald moth (1); Common Footman (15); Scarce Footman (1); Dingy Footman (1); Small Emerald (2); Small Rivulet (1); Peppered moth (3); Scalloped Oak (10) and my last Hornet moth of the season on 15th July."

Lappet Moth
Photo © Dave Maunder
Lappet Moth eggs
Photo © Dave Maunder

This update came from Dave Wilton: "Further additions to my year list during the last week of July here in mid-Bucks included Pyrausta despicata, Conobathra repandana, Small Scallop, Chalk Carpet, Miller & Mere Wainscot (all 23rd July, Finemere Wood, 106 species to a single MV light); Acleris holmiana, Phlyctaenia coronata, Galleria mellonella/Wax Moth, Barred Rivulet, Lilac Beauty, Straw Underwing, Dusky Sallow, Ear Moth (almost certainly that species but will need dissection to confirm) & Scarce Silver-lines (all 24th July, Ivinghoe Beacon, 150 species to two MV lights); Limnaecia phragmitella & Magpie Moth (both 25th July, Westcott); Caloptilia stigmatella, Athrips mouffetella, Parachronistis albiceps, Hypatima rhomboidella, Batrachedra praeangusta, Eudemis profundana, Calamotropha paludella, Donacaula forficella, Chevron & Small Wainscot (all 26th July, private wood near Buckingham, 167 species to two MV lights); Ypsolopha scabrella, Recurvaria leucatella, Chilo phragmitella, Sitochroa palealis, Tawny-speckled Pug, Least Yellow Underwing & Brown-veined Wainscot (all 27th July, Calvert); Least Carpet (28th July, Westcott) and Six-belted Clearwing (30th July, Calvert, daytime to pheromone lure). Perhaps the most unusual discovery was the single male Chalk Carpet caught on the main ride in Finemere Wood, presumably a wanderer from the colony discovered last year on the nearby Calvert landfill site. A melanic Peppered Moth f. carbonaria also came to the MV light at Finemere, the first I've seen for a couple of years. The trapping session on Ivinghoe Beacon brought in a Small Purple-barred which is normally a very frisky daytime flyer. The species always seems to be rather battered and faded when I see it so this pristine example made a welcome change."

Chalk Carpet
Photo © Dave Wilton
Small Purple-barred
Photo © Dave Wilton
Peppered Moth f. carbonaria
Photo © Dave Wilton

Chris Bottrell sent this report: "A roundup of the July sessions in my Merton (Oxon) back garden have produced the following. 11/7 - 59 moths of 27 species, 14/7 - 82 of 25, 18/7 - 75 of 23, 21/7 - 98 of 37, 25/7 - 378 of 76 but including 129 Acentria ephemerella (Water Veneer) and 28/7 - 88 of 28. The only definite addition for the list though at the time of posting is a singleton Epinotia nisella caught on 18/7."

Epinotia nisella
Photo © Chris Bottrell

~ Sunday 29th July 2012 ~

Rob Payne sent this report: "A group of us ran a mothing evening on 27th/28th July at Otmoor, Oxon at the request of the RSPB. It was a great evening with 8 traps and a screen. Chris Bottrell, Marc Botham, Owain Hegarty (RSPB) and myself were present. We had an impressive 130+ species comprising a lot that are new to 2012.
Bird-cherry Ermine (Yponomeuta evonymella), Ypsolopha scabrella, Batia lunaris, Brown House-moth (Hofmannophila pseudospretella), Carcina quercana, Helcystogramma rufescens, Blastobasis lacticolella, Limnaecia phragmitella (first adult), Phtheochroa inopiana, Agapeta hamana, Agapeta zoegana, Aethes rubigana, Dark Fruit-tree Tortrix (Pandemis heparana), Rose Tortrix (Archips rosana), Cyclamen Tortrix (Clepsis spectrana), Red-barred Tortrix (Ditula angustiorana), Acleris holmiana, Celypha lacunana, Hedya salicella, Apotomis betuletana, Lobesia abscisana, Ancylis achatana, Ancylis badiana, Holly Tortrix (Rhopobota naevana), Bramble Shoot Moth (Epiblema uddmanniana), Epiblema roborana, Eucosma campoliliana, Bud Moth (Spilonota ocellana), Plum Fruit Moth (Grapholita funebrana), Calamotropha paludella, Agriphila straminella, Agriphila tristella, Donacaula forficella, Dipleurina lacustrata, Brown China-mark (Elophila nymphaeata), Beautiful China-mark (Nymphula stagnata), Small Magpie (Eurrhypara hortulata), Ebulea (Anania) crocealis, Gold Triangle (Hypsopygia costalis), Orthopygia glaucinalis, Endotricha flammealis, Phycita roborella, Lackey, Oak Eggar (first adult), Drinker, Chinese Character, Peach Blossom, Buff Arches, Common Emerald, Maiden's Blush, Lesser Cream Wave, Small Fan-footed Wave, Single-dotted Wave, Small Scallop, Riband Wave, Red Twin-spot Carpet, Large Twin-spot Carpet, Shaded Broad-bar, Common Carpet, Dark Spinach, July Highflyer, Barred Rivulet, Lime-speck Pug, V-Pug, Magpie Moth, Clouded Border, Brimstone Moth, September Thorn, Early Thorn, Scalloped Oak, Peppered Moth, Willow Beauty, Common Wave, Clouded Silver, Poplar Hawk-moth, Elephant Hawk-moth, Buff-tip, Pebble Prominent, Lesser Swallow Prominent, Swallow Prominent, Pale Prominent, Chocolate-tip, Yellow-tail, Round-winged Muslin, Dingy Footman, Scarce Footman, Common Footman, Garden Tiger, Ruby Tiger, Short-cloaked Moth, Heart and Dart, Flame, Flame Shoulder, Large Yellow Underwing, Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing, Least Yellow Underwing, Double Square-spot, Bright-line Brown-eye, Campion, Brown-line Bright Eye, Clay, Striped Wainscot, Southern Wainscot, Smoky Wainscot, Suspected, Poplar Grey, Straw Underwing, Dingy Shears, Dun-bar, Lunar-spotted Pinion, Dark Arches, Light Arches, Double Lobed, Small Dotted Buff, Dusky Sallow, Brown-veined Wainscot, Webb's Wainscot, Uncertain, Rustic, Mottled Rustic, Pale Mottled Willow, Nut-tree Tussock, Burnished Brass, Silver Y, Blackneck, Herald, Straw Dot, Waved Black, Snout and Fan-foot. There are a few more to be confirmed - so there may be a follow-up report."

Brown-veined Wainscot
Photo © Rob Payne
Webb's Wainscot
Photo © Rob Payne
Dark Spinach
Photo © Rob Payne

Mary Elford sent the following: "One new moth for your list – Svensson’s Copper Underwing here in Bampton, Oxon on the morning of 27 July. Also, I had a Yellow-tail in my trap on 26th July."

Alastair Driver says he's just had a blitz on moth trapping in Sonning, Berks this week thanks to the dry weather: "I caught the following to add to UTBC year list, as at the time of writing: Small Scallop at home on 22nd July and again on 23rd and at Ali's Pond LNR, Berks on on 23rd (the latter being a new site record). Ear Moth agg. at Ali's Pond LNR on 23rd. Lesser-spotted Pinion at Ali's Pond LNR on 24th I also notice that Golden Plusia is not on the list - I trapped a lovely specimen at home back on 24th June - a new parish record."

This sighting came from Wendy Wilson: "On Friday 27th July, whilst doing a recce for the Langley Park event on 28th, I spotted this Antler moth nectaring on some ragwort. Also there were two Six-spot Burnets and 12 butterfly species."

Antler moth
Photo © Wendy Wilson

David Redhead sent this report: "My garden moth trap in Littlemore, Oxon on 25th July added 8 new macro-species to my 2012 garden list, some of which still appear to be new to the 2012 UTB list - Canary-shouldered Thorn, Common Emerald, Least Yellow Underwing, Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing, Phoenix, Purple Thorn, Short-cloaked & Yellow Tail. Swallow Prominent with 23 individuals was the most numerous."

Nigel Partridge sent these sightings: "A few more from our garden trap (Loosley Row, Bucks). 21-07-12: Galleria mellonella. 24-07-12: Toadflax Pug, Marbled Beauty, Dusky Sallow."

Laura Chapman reported the following: "I wanted to send in my sighting of a Scarlet Tiger Moth in Loosley Row in Bucks, which was resting on my windowsill this morning (25 July 2012)."

Scarlet Tiger
Photo © Laura Chapman

Darren Seaman sent this report: "A couple more moths for your year list, a Yellow-tail (first adult) on 23rd July, Straw Underwing and Brown-tail on 24th July. All at actinic light in my Milton Keynes garden."

Derek Brown sent the following: "This Magpie moth flew into our conservatory at Beenham, Berks on 23rd July. First one I've seen since 2008 and it appears to be new for the UTB 2012 list."

Photo © Derek Brown

Peter Cuss reported the following: "I had a Mullein Wave sitting on my window during the day (Caversham, Berks on 21/07/12). I don't think that's on the UTB list for 2012 yet."

~ Thursday 25th July 2012 ~

David Redhead sent these sightings: "21st July - Chilswell Valley just to west of Oxford - a pair of Six-spot Burnet Moths.
22nd July - Heyford Hill overnight garden moth trap - a pair of Olives."

Mary Elford sent the following: "This lovely little moth, Marbled Green, was on my trap in Bampton, Oxon on 23rd July – exactly the same date as the first appearance of this species last year."

Marbled Green
Photo © Mary Elford

Dave Wilton sent this update: "Further sightings recently in mid-Bucks have included my first Hummingbird Hawk-moth of the year (Westcott, 12th July), Scallop Shell (Westcott, 13th July), Helcystogramma rufescens, Acrobasis consociella & Olive (all Westcott 16th July), Ypsolopha dentella (Westcott, 17th July), Argyresthia curvella, Epinotia brunnichana, Rhopobota naevana, Epiblema foenella, Euzophera pinguis & Marasmarcha lunaedactyla (all Ashridge Estate, 17th July with Peter Hall), Mouse Moth & Marbled Beauty (both Westcott, 19th July), Eana incanana (Finemere Wood, 19th July), Agonopterix liturosa, Beautiful Carpet & Juniper Pug (all at a Bucks Invertebrate Group meeting on Windsor Hill, 21st July) and Schoenobius gigantella, Trachycera suavella, Trachycera advenella, Southern Wainscot & Silky Wainscot (all at Calvert, 22nd July). Silky Wainscot seems to be new to the all-time UTB list. On 17th July Peter Hall and I returned to the same area of the Ashridge Estate, just inside Bucks not far from the Bridgewater Monument, where we'd had such a poor collection of moths on 6th July. While the list was much improved this time, it still wasn't brilliant for what is prime Chiltern woodland habitat: Argyresthia brockeella, Argyresthia goedartella, Argyresthia albistria, Argyresthia bonnetella, Argyresthia curvella, Yponomeuta evonymella, Ypsolopha parenthesella, Batia lunaris, Batia unitella, Hofmannophila pseudospretella, Blastobasis lacticolella, Blastodacna hellerella, Aethes rubigana, Pandemis cerasana, Pandemis cinnamomeana, Pandemis heparana, Archips xylosteana, Archips podana, Ditula angustiorana, Aleimma loeflingiana, Tortrix viridana, Cnephasia stephensiana, Celypha lacunana, Hedya pruniana, Hedya nubiferana, Apotomis turbidana, Apotomis capreana, Ancylis achatana, Epinotia brunnichana, Rhopobota naevana, Zeiraphera isertana, Gypsonoma dealbana, Epiblema uddmanniana, Epiblema foenella, Eucosma cana, Chrysoteuchia culmella, Acentria ephemerella, Dipleurina lacustrata, Udea prunalis, Udea olivalis, Eurrhypara hortulata/Small Magpie, Aphomia sociella/Bee Moth, Cryptoblabes bistriga, Homoeosoma sinuella, Euzophera pinguis, Marasmarcha lunaedactyla, Drinker, Peach Blossom, Buff Arches, Common Emerald, Clay Triple-lines, Small Fan-footed Wave, Riband Wave, Large Twin-spot Carpet, July Highflyer, Pretty Chalk Carpet, Brown Scallop, Haworth's Pug, V-Pug, Double-striped Pug, Small Yellow Wave, Brimstone Moth, Peppered Moth, Satin Beauty, Mottled Beauty, Great Oak Beauty, Engrailed, Common Wave, Clouded Silver, Light Emerald, Iron Prominent, Lesser Swallow Prominent, Coxcomb Prominent, Buff Footman, Heart & Dart, Large Yellow Underwing, Purple Clay, Double Square-spot, Grey Dagger, Coronet, Small Angle Shades, Dark Arches, Slender Brindle, Marbled White Spot, Uncertain, Rustic, Beautiful Golden Y, Beautiful Hook-tip, Straw Dot, Snout, Fan-foot & Small Fan-foot."

Silky Wainscot
Photo © Dave Wilton

Keith Mitchell reported the following from Stoke Goldington, Bucks: "An overnight trap on 19th July produced a garden first: Eucosma obumbratana. Supporting cast: Chrysoteuchia culmella (27), Crambus perlella, Agriphila tristella, Dipleurina lacustrata, Parapoynx stratiotata (Ringed China-mark) (7th July), Small Magpie, Hypsopgia glaucinalis, Endotricha flammealis, White Plume, Riband Wave, Yellow Shell, Green Pug, Brimstone, Privet Hawk-moth, Buff Footman, Common Footman, Heart and Dart, Large Yellow Underwing, Double Square-spot, Dot, Bright-line Brown Eye, Clay, Brown-line Bright Eye, Shoulder-striped Wainscot, Dark Arches, Light Arches, Common Rustic agg, Mottled Rustic, Burnished Brass, Silvey 'Y', Snout, Fan-foot, Rustic/Uncertain agg."

~ Thursday 19th July 2012 ~

Nigel Partridge sent the following: "A few more from our garden (Loosley Row, Bucks). Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing 13-07-12, Scarce Footman 13-07-12, Ypsolopha nemorella 19-07-12 & Cloaked Minor 19-07-12."

Dave Morris sent this update: "Rob Payne and I ran a 50W MV on the fringes of woodland near Seer Green, Bucks on 18th July and caught the following - there are a few new species for the year: Tinea semifulvella, Argyresthia brockeella, Ypsolopha parenthesella, Batia unitella, Carcina quercana (3), Agonopterix heracliana (2), Dark Fruit-tree Tortix, Celypha lacunana, Mother of Pearl, Bee Moth, Dwarf Cream Wave (5), Yellow Shell, Common Marbled Carpet, Green Pug, Brimstone, Swallow-tailed Moth, Mottled Beauty (2), Black Arches, Common Footman, Lunar-spotted Pinion, Dark Arches, Slender Brindle, Uncertain, Spectacle, Snout (4)."

Black Arches
Photo © Dave Morris

This report came from Andy King: "Here are a few moths which may still be new to the list: Pammene aurana: a photogenic little moth found on a leaf on the outskirts of Tring (about 50 yards inside the VC24 border!) on 23rd June; from a light-trap near Weedon Hill in Bucks: Bordered White, Lozotaeniodes formasanus, Prays fraxinella, Pandemis cerasana - on 27th June; to light near Aston Clinton, Bucks: Sycamore, Ebulea crocealis (or Anania crocealis if we're going to be modern), Merrifieldia baliodactylus (Yarrow Plume) and Pempeliella dilutella - on 8th July; from my back garden in Chorleywood, Bucks: Phlyctaenia coronata - on 13 July."

Pammene aurana
Photo © Andy King

Peter Coombes sent this sighting: "I photographed this moth in the car park at Otmoor RSPB Reserve Oxfordshire on the 17th July. I've looked in my reference books and I think it is an Old Lady moth."

Old Lady moth
Photo © Peter Coombes

Tom Stevenson, Nature Reserve Manager of the Ewelme Watercress Beds LNR in Oxon, sent this report: "The following represents the list accumulated during the Ewelme Bioblitz on 13th July. Expert identifiers included Marc Botham, Mike Wilkins and Peter Holland. 980 moths of 146 species:
Angle Shades, Barred Straw, Beautiful Hook-tip, Blood-vein, Blue Bordered Carpet (first adult), Bordered Sallow, Bright-line Brown-eye, Brimstone Moth, Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing, Brown-line Bright-eye, Buff Ermine, Buff-tip, Burnished Brass, Clay, Clouded Border, Clouded Silver, Common Carpet, Common Emerald, Common Footman, Common Rustic, Common Wainscot, Common Wave, Common White Wave, Coronet, Dark Arches, Dark Dagger, Dingy Footman, Dingy Shears, Dot Moth, Double Lobed, Double Square Spot (larval stage), Double-striped Pug, Dun-bar, Dwarf Cream Wave, Early Thorn, Elephant Hawk-moth, Engrailed, Fan Foot, Flame, Flame Shoulder, Ghost, Gothic, Green Pug, Grey Dagger, Grey Pug, Heart and Club, Heart and Dart, July Highflyer, Large Twin-spot Carpet, Large Yellow Underwing, Least Carpet, Lesser Yellow Underwing, Light Arches, Light Emerald, Lobster Moth, Mottled Beauty, Mottled Rustic, Peach Blossom, Peppered Moth, Phoenix, Plain Golden Y, Poplar Grey, Poplar Hawk-moth, Privet Hawk-moth, Puss Moth, Riband Wave [non-banded form], Round-winged Muslin, Rustic, Scalloped Oak, Scarce Footman, Setaceous Hebrew Character, Shark, Short-cloaked moth, Shoulder-striped Wainscot, Silver Y, Single-dotted Wave, Slender Pug, Small Blood-vein, Small dotted buff, Small Fan-foot, Small Waved Umber, Smoky Wainscot, Snout, Spectacle, Spruce Carpet, Striped Lychnis, Swallow-tailed Moth, Sycamore, Tawny Marbled Minor, Tawny Speckled Pug, Miller, Treble Brown Spot, Uncertain, Vapourer, Vines Rustic, V-Pug, Willow Beauty, Wormwood Pug, Yellow Shell and micros: Acleris forsskaleana, Agapeta hamana, Aleimma loeflingiana, Ancylis achatana, Aphomia sociella (Bee Moth), Archips crataegana (Brown Oak Tortrix), Archips podana (Large Fruit-tree Tortrix), Batia lunaris, Batia unitella, Brachmia blandella, Bryotropha terrella, Celypha lacunana, Celypha striana, Chrysoteuchia culmella (Garden Grass-veneer), Clepsis consimilana, Clepsis spectrana (Cyclamen Tortrix), Cnephasia stephensiana (Grey Tortrix), Crambus perlella, Dipleurina lacustrata, Epiblema sticticana, Epiblema uddmanniana, Eucosma cana, Eudonia mercurella, Eurrhypara hortulata (Small Magpie), Hedya pruniana (Plum Tortrix), Hypsopygia costalis (Gold Triangle), Hypsopygia glaucinalis (aka Orthopygia glaucinalis), Lobesia abscisana, Metzneria lappella, Mompha ochraceella, Myelois circumvoluta (Thistle Ermine), Nomophila Noctuella (Rush Veneer), Pandemis cerasana (Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix), Pandemis heparana (Dark Fruit-tree Tortrix), Phycita roborella, Phycitodes binaevella, Pleuroptya ruralis (Mother of Pearl), Plutella xylostella (Diamond-back Moth), Pterophorus pentadactyla (White Plume Moth), Pyrausta aurata, Scoparia ambigualis, Scoparia pyralella, Spilonota ocellana, Tortrix viridana (Green Oak Tortrix), Udea olivalis, Udea prunalis, Zeiraphera isertana."

Dave Morris reported the following: "A bit of decent weather on 17th July obviously brought out some new moths for the list in Seer Green, Bucks. My full list (notwithstanding a handful of micros yet to be id'd): Mottled Beauty, Crambus pascuella, Dark Arches, Light Emerald (2), Scalloped Oak, Udea prunalis, Heart & Dart, Common Footman, Fern, Large Yellow Underwing, Buff Ermine, Fan-foot, Double Square-spot (I think; it's very worn), Flame, Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing, Uncertain (4), Codling (3), Endotricha flammealis, Phycita roborella and Small Rivulet."

~ Wednesday 18th July 2012 ~

Steve Goddard reported the following: "I hope you don't mind records out of the blue, but I wondered whether you would be interested in some records from my garden in Wolvercote, Oxford. I help with a local Wildlife Explorers group and we're running a moth survey around Wolvercote over the summer: a number of families are using the group's light trap in their garden and recording what they catch. We'll be submitting the overall results once we're done, but I noticed that several of the species I've had in my garden over the last five nights aren't yet on the yearlist on the UTB website. They're Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing (16th, 17th July) and Dun-bar (17th July). I've also had an adult Garden Tiger (first adult) on 16th July."

Photo © Steve Goddard

Dave Morris sent this report: "I have been trapping in my garden in Seer Green, Bucks with very poor results and nothing worth reporting for the last few weeks, but last night (16th July) I had one moth not yet on the list, a Buff Footman. Also, this afternoon (17th July) whilst gardening, I disturbed a Waved Black. On 12th July, a very damp evening, Robert Payne and myself ran a 50W MV trap on the fringes of Hillmots Wood near Beaconsfield, Bucks and caught 42 moths of 26 species including Carcina quercana & Eucosma campoliliana being currently new for the list."

Carcina quercana
Photo © Dave Morris
Eucosma campoliliana
Photo © Dave Morris

Darren Seaman sent the following: "I've had 3 species that don't appear to be on the UTB list: Gothic, Dark Sword-grass and Mere Wainscot. All were caught in an actinic light trap in a private garden near Howe Park in Milton Keynes on 9th July."

David Redhead was out looking for butterflies for the Big Butterfly Count on 14th July and found the following moths: "I was using the grassland & scrub at Heyford Hill, Oxon as my location and recorded, along with the butterflies: Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet (10), Shaded Broad-bar (2) and singletons of Yellow Shell & Nemophora metallica - the latter a slightly bedraggled specimen doing what the books say it should be doing, resting on the flowerhead of one of its foodplants, Field Scabious. Also, at Swyncombe Down on 15th July I saw 2 Cistus Foresters."

~ Thursday 12th July 2012 ~

The following update came from Dave Wilton: "Further recent additions to my year list here in mid-Bucks have included Yponomeuta evonymella (Westcott 2nd July), Archips xylosteana (first adult) & Acentria ephemerella (both Westcott 4th July), Argyresthia goedartella, Hedya salicella, Endotricha flammealis, Orthopygia glaucinalis, Dotted Rustic & Blackneck (all Westcott 5th July, very pleasing to see Dotted Rustic for the second year running), Scythropia crataegella, Teleiodes sequax, Epiblema roborana, Myelois circumvoluta & Brown-line Bright-eye (all Ivinghoe Beacon 5th July), Argyresthia retinella, Great Oak Beauty & Small Fan-footed Wave (all Ashridge Estate 6th July), probable Tinea pellionella, Acleris kochiella & Agriphila tristella (all Westcott 7th July, Tinea pellionella found indoors), Gypsonoma dealbana (Westcott 8th July) and Argyresthia glaucinella, Ypsolopha parenthesella, Pandemis corylana, Archips crataegana, Spatalistis bifasciana, Epagoge grotiana, Pseudosciaphila branderiana, Apotomis capreana, Agriphila straminella, Phycita roborella, Large Emerald, Round-winged Muslin & Dingy Footman (all Finemere Wood 9th July). The Ashridge Estate session on 6th July involved running a couple of traps near the Bridgewater Monument with Peter Hall for a bat and moth event organised by the National Trust. It was a good job that their customers had reasonable views of bat activity because the moths certainly weren't playing ball! After two hours we had struggled up to just over 40 individuals of 22 species and most of them arrived well after the visitors had left for home."

Round-winged Muslin
Photo © Dave Wilton
Acleris kochiella
Photo © Dave Wilton
Tinea pellionella
Photo © Dave Wilton

Dave Maunder says he finally managed to get a couple of reasonable nights' trapping in his garden in Aylesbury, Bucks on 9th/10th July: "The traps produced Privet Hawkmoth (1); Buff Arches (1); White Satin (1); Light Arches (2); Dark Arches (17); Common Rustics (2); Fan-foot (3); Flame Moth (1); Silver Y (1); Heart and Club (1); Heart and Dart (13); Turnip moth (1); Dot moths (5); Rustics (18); Swallow-tailed moths (3); Brimstone moth (1); Yellow Shell (1); Common Emeralds (2); Small Emerald (1 - a first for my garden); Mottled Beauty (1 - also a first for my garden); Willow Beauty (2); Clouded Silver (1); Garden Carpets (3); Small Fan-footed Wave (1); Riband Waves (4); Dark Umber (1); Endotricha flammealis (2); Pandemis ceresana (1); White plume (1); Bee moths (3)."

Mottled Beauty
Photo © Dave Maunder
Privet Hawkmoth
Photo © Dave Maunder
Small Emerald
Photo © Dave Maunder

Nigel Partridge sent these sightings: "A Small Rivulet was attracted to our house lights on 07-07-12 in Loosley Row, Bucks. Then on 08-07-12 Agriphila tristella and Small Fan-footed Wave."

Chris Bottrell reported the following: "Despite yet another wet night (7/7) in my Merton (Oxon) back garden a reasonable catch of 176 moths of 50 species in the 60w Actinic, including a singleton Muslin Footman. Two days later than last year so the weather doesn't appear to have significantly deterred this rather delicate little moth."

Muslin Footman
Photo © Chris Bottrell

~ Friday 6th July 2012 ~

Keith Mitchell reported the following from Stoke Goldington, Bucks: "5th July - An interesting night with the following garden firsts: Nemapogon cloacella, Batia unitella (photo below), Ephestia parasitella (unicolorella) (2) and Brown Scallop. Also my first Smoky Wainscot of the year."

Batia unitella
Photo © Keith Mitchell

Peter Cuss sent this update: "I put the moth trap out last night (5/7/12) in my garden in Caversham, Berks and for once this year had a good haul! Two of them don't seem to have been recorded yet for the current season: Leopard moth and Least Carpet."

The following came from Mary Elford: "I had a Small Blood-vein in my garden trap in Bampton, Oxon on 5th July and it may be a new one for your list."

Small Blood-vein
Photo © Mary Elford

Chris Bottrell's first July session in his Merton (Oxon) back garden on 4th July produced the following despite rain again: "89 moths of 29 species taking refuge in the trap, including singletons of Batia unitella and Udea ferrugalis (Rusty Dot Pearl). Unfortunately the latter succumbed in the pot whilst awaiting processing. Indicative maybe of how taxing conditions have been."

Batia unitella
Photo © Chris Bottrell

At a moth trap run for a local group in a private garden in Chearsley, Bucks on 4th July Wendy & Mick Campbell recorded the following: "A varied and interesting catch considering the weather has been so poor. Singletons of Coronet, Elephant Hawkmoth, Lime Hawkmoth, Beautiful Hook-tip, Barred Straw, Peppered Moth, Swallow-tailed, Silver-y, Buff Ermine, Dot Moth and Buff Arches, plus 2 each of Burnished Brass and White Ermine. Most numerous in double figures were Heart & Dart and Dark Arches."

Adam Hartley sent this report: "On 1st July I caught a Bordered Sallow in my trap which I notice isn't on your UTB 2012 year list so far. I've no idea how common this species is though it's described as "Local" in my Townsend & Waring and I notice the habitat description seems to be more coastal though it does include woodland and I'm not too far (as the moth flies) from Wytham Wood, Oxon."

Bordered Sallow
Photo © Adam Hartley

Chris Bottrell sent the following: "The remaining June sessions in my Merton (Oxon) back garden have been a bit up and down reflecting the weather: 13/6 - 58 moths of 16 species, 16/6 - 79 of 19, 20/6 - 191 of 43, 23/6 - 33 of 17, 27/6 - 263 of 50 and 30/6 - 56 of 17. My most common catch Scoparia pyralella (148 over this period although the first was on 7/6) curiously isn't yet on the UTB 2012 list. Also for the list at the time of posting: 20/6 Pempelia Formosa (1), 27/6 Homoeosoma sinuella (1), 27/6 Dwarf Cream Wave (1), 27/6 Smoky Wainscot (1), 27/6 Lackey (first adult) and 30/6 Enarmonia formosana (Cherry-bark Moth) (1)."

Scoparia pyralella
Photo © Chris Bottrell
Homoeosoma sinuella
Photo © Chris Bottrell
Enarmonia formosana
Photo © Chris Bottrell

Rob Payne sent this report on 1st July: "I was trapping yet again at my favourite spot in South Bucks near Beaconsfield - a great night with good numbers of several species. Highlights were: Blotched Emerald - c4, Great Oak Beauty - 3, Pine Hawkmoth, Little Emerald, Peach Blossom - 2, Beautiful Golden Y, Coronet, Peppered Moth, Buff tip - 3, Beautiful Hook-tip & Pebble Hook-tip plus a number of micros which will be sent to Peter Hall for id."

Great Oak Beauty
Photo © Rob Payne
Blotched Emerald
Photo © Rob Payne
Amblyptilia punctidactyla
Photo © Rob Payne

Peter Hall reports on a Bucks Invertebrate Group meeting held at Dancersend SSSI on Friday June 29th: "The following species were recorded, running 5 traps in 3 locations:
Nemophora degeerella, Eucalybites auroguttella, Argyresthia brockeella, Plutella xylostella, Blastobasis adustella, Blastobasis lacticolella, Agapeta hamana, Agapeta zoegana, Pandemis cerasana, Pandemis cinnamomeana, Pandemis heparana, Tortrix viridana, Celypha lacunana, Hedya nubiferana, Apotomis turbidana, Epiblema uddmanniana, Epiblema trimaculana, Strophedra weirana, Chrysoteuchia culmella, Crambus lathoniellus, Catoptria falsella, Scoparia pyralella, Udea olivalis, Cryptoblabes bistriga, Pterophorus pentadactyla, Leopard, Ghost, Common Swift, Drinker, Peach Blossom, Buff Arches, Little Emerald, Clay Triple-lines, Riband Wave, Silver Ground Carpet, Garden Carpet, Shaded Broad-bar, Yellow Shell, Small Phoenix, Common Marbled Carpet, Green Carpet, July Highflyer, Pretty Chalk Carpet, Foxglove Pug, Freyer’s Pug, Wormwood Pug, Larch Pug, Green Pug, Treble-bar, Small Yellow Wave, Scorched Carpet, Tawny-barred Angle, Brown Silver-line, Scorched Wing, Brimstone Moth, Peppered, Willow Beauty, Satin Beauty, Mottled Beauty, Common White Wave, Clouded Silver, Light Emerald, Elephant Hawk, Small Elephant Hawk, Buff-tip, Lobster, Iron Prominent, Maple Prominent, Red-necked Footman, Orange Footman, Turnip, Heart & Dart, Flame, Large Yellow Underwing, Ingrailed Clay, Purple Clay, Setaceous Hebrew Character, Double Square-spot, Green Arches, Shears, Grey Arches, Broad-barred White, Clay, Shoulder-striped Wainscot, Minor Shoulder-knot, Coronet, Brown Rustic, Small Angle Shades, Dark Arches, Light Arches, Reddish Light Arches, Clouded-bordered Brindle, Clouded Brindle, Large Nutmeg, Small Dotted Buff, Treble Lines, Uncertain, Marbled White Spot, Burnished Brass, Beautiful Golden Y, Plain Golden Y, Straw Dot, Snout, Fan-foot, Small Fan-foot."

~ Saturday 30th June 2012 ~

Dave Wilton sent the following: "The last ten days of June saw a slight improvement in the weather but little change in the overall numbers of moths coming to the trap. With some southerly winds there was the possibility of a few migrants but they seem to have avoided me quite effectively here in mid-Bucks! Additions to my year list included Elephant Hawk-moth (21st June, Westcott), Double Dart (24th June, Westcott), Epinotia bilunana & Blotched Emerald (both 24th June, Finemere Wood), Latticed Heath (25th June, disused railway near Salden Wood), Blastodacna hellerella, Archips podana, Acleris bergmanniana, Orthotaenia undulana, Ancylis achatana, Crambus pascuella, Hypsopygia costalis/Gold Triangle, Buff Arches, Barred Yellow, July Highflyer, Brown Scallop, Short-cloaked Moth & Clay (all 25th June, Calvert), Cataclysta lemnata/Small China-mark, Large Twin-spot Carpet & Fan-foot (all 26th June, Westcott), Shaded Broad-bar (26th June, Ashridge Estate), Phlyctaenia perlucidalis & Eudonia pallida (both 27th June, Westcott), Argyresthia bonnetella, Coleophora lixella, Metzneria aprilella, Phtheochroa sodaliana, Eupoecilia angustana, Crambus perlella, Drinker, Haworth's Pug & Purple Clay (all 27th June, Ivinghoe Beacon), Dingy Shears (28th June, Westcott), Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet (28th June, private woodland near Grendon Underwood) and Zeiraphera isertana, Udea prunalis & Swallow-tailed Moth (all 29th June, Westcott). On 27th June the three-hour session using two MV lights on Ivinghoe Beacon yielded my first 100+ species catch of the year, with Coleophora lixella, Metzneria aprilella (a first for VC24) and Phtheochroa sodaliana being new additions to the all-time UTB list."

Coleophora lixella
Photo © Dave Wilton
Metzneria aprilella
Photo © Dave Wilton
Phtheochroa sodaliana
Photo © Dave Wilton

Adam Bassett sent this report: "A rare event at the moment, actually putting the trap out! The following are from a garden trap (Marlow Bottom, Bucks) on June 29th, which are currently new to the UTB year list: Cedestis gysseleniella, Blastodacna hellerella, Pandemis cinnamomeana, Olindia schumacherana, Aleimma loeflingiana, Epinotia bilunana, Catoptria pinella, Blotched Emerald, Common Emerald, Lilac Beauty, Scalloped Oak, Swallow-tailed Moth and Argyresthia albistria."

David Redhead ran his overnight garden moth trap in Littlemore, Oxford on 29th June: "It produced the following additions to my 2012 garden list, some of which appear to be new to the UTB 2012 list:- Buff Arches (3) and singletons of Barred Straw, Common Wainscot, Elephant Hawkmoth, Green Arches, Heart & Club, July Highflyer, Large Twin-spot Carpet, Purple Clay, Sandy Carpet, Small Fan-foot, Swallow-tailed Moth & Willow Beauty. The most prolific species were Double Square-spot & Poplar Hawkmoth, which both scored 11."

Peter Law sent this news: "Kings Copse Park, Garsington, Oxon: It is always a special moment when the first Scarlet Tigers appear in my garden. This evening (29th June) when administering some much needed attention, I disturbed 3 including this mating pair on my Acanthus Mollis."

Scarlet Tiger, mating pair
Photo © Peter Law

May Webber ran her garden moth trap in Long Hanborough, Oxon on 28th June: "I had this Treble Brown Spot and one of the dark forms of Marbled/Tawny Marbled Minor, an Uncertain and Choristoneura hebenstreitella. (Thanks to Peter Hall and Dave Wilton for helping with the ids.)"

Treble Brown Spot
Photo © May Webber

Nigel Partridge sent this update: "27-06-12, Loosley Row, Bucks: Wormwood Pug, Small Yellow Wave and Elephant Hawk-moth."

Dave Maunder sent the following on 28th June: "I've had considerable success this week with the Hornet moths - 12 specimens found over the last three days around the Aylesbury (Bucks) area. This morning I found three mating pairs on Poplars at Broughton and yesterday evening I watched a female ovipositing at the base of a Poplar in Aston Clinton! Maybe this species is quite common in the right habitat in our area. The photos below are of a female - my first ever specimen - which I found on the evening of 25th June in Aston Clinton, Bucks where I work, and one of the mating pairs seen today."

Hornet Moth f.
Photo © Dave Maunder
Hornet Moths, mating pair
Photo © Dave Maunder

David Redhead sent this report from Littlemore, Oxon: "Only my second garden moth trap in June (27th) seems to have produced some 2012 firsts for the UTB website - Round-winged Muslin (5), Perinephela lancealis (3), Fan-foot (2), Southern Wainscot (2) and singletons of Drinker (first adult), Hypsopygia costalis (Gold Triangle) & Single-dotted Wave. Earlier in the day, in the grassland near my house, I had a Scarlet Tiger Moth, Cinnabar and much to my surprise, only having found my first cocoon 3 days ago, an adult Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet Moth."

Mary Elford sent the following: "This fragile looking Barred Straw was on my trap here in Bampton, Oxon on 28th June. I don't recall seeing it before."

Barred Straw
Photo © Mary Elford

This report came from Chris Pickford: "A good night here in S. Oxon (Berkshire Downs) for moths on 26th June! There was literally standing room only in my modest trap - amongst the more interesting arrivals were three Elephant Hawkmoths, one Small Elephant Hawkmoth, 3 Peppered Moths (non-melanic), 2 Angle Shades, a Small Emerald, plus all the usual suspects."

Small Elephant Hawkmoth
Photo © Chris Pickford
Elephant Hawkmoth
Photo © Chris Pickford

Adam Bassett sent the following: "Nothing to report from a lack of trapping, but a fresh looking Borkhausenia fuscescens was flying around my lounge (in Marlow Bottom, Bucks) in the evening of 27th June as I was watching the football."

Rob Payne sent this report from Langley on the Berks/Bucks border: "I found this in my porch on the morning of 27th June - I am pretty sure that it is a Small Ranunculus, but thought as it is Nationally scarce - though more frequent around the Thames area - I would send it for confirmation as it is a new one for me."
Peter Hall confirmed the id and commented: "I'm still waiting for it to arrive in my village, although it's getting pretty common these days up to central Bucks. Dave Maunder sees them in his garden in Aylesbury regularly now. This species is one that is spreading rapidly across the area. 62 records up to the end of 2011, the first was in 2004 in Slough."

Small Ranunculus
Photo © Rob Payne

Dave Morris sent the following from Seer Green, Bucks: "Amongst my recent catches, I have a couple of things not currently on the year's list from 25th June: Dichomeris marginella (Juniper Webber), Pandemis cinnamomeana - I believe this is the male, with the white face. Also, whilst cutting the grass on 27th June, I dislodged a Fan-foot."

Dichomeris marginella
Photo © Dave Morris
Pandemis cinnamomeana
Photo © Dave Morris
Photo © Dave Morris

Mary Elford reports that there’s been an improvement in the number of moths coming to the trap this week: "On 25th June there was a Grey Dagger agg. in my garden trap in Bampton, Oxon."

Nigel Partridge sent the following: "A few more from 25-06-12, Loosley Row, Bucks: Dichrorampha petiverella, Lesser Yellow Underwing, Thiotricha subocellea (thanks to Peter Hall for confirming the ID) and Snout."

Thiotricha subocellea
Photo © Nigel Partridge

Rob Payne sent this report: "I caught this rather early Purple Clay near Beaconsfield, Bucks on Sunday 24th June. I think it is the first for the year."

Purple Clay
Photo © Rob Payne

This report from Steve Woolliams came via David Redhead: "Last year I had a sighting of a Currant Clearwing in the garden (in Headington, Oxford) and I've now spotted a mating pair on 20th June on my Blackcurrant bushes."

Currant Clearwings pairing
Photo © Steve Woolliams

~ Sunday 24th June 2012 ~

Dave Morris sent this update: "I trapped for the GMS on Friday 22nd June in Seer Green, Bucks getting a poor show, but it did include one moth I wasn't expecting for my area: 1 each of Eudonia mercurella, Heart & Dart, Large Nutmeg and True Lover's Knot."

True Lover's Knot
Photo © Dave Morris

Dave Maunder sent this report: "On 17th June I had a Hummingbird Hawkmoth nectaring on my garden Campion flowers here in Aylesbury, Bucks - my first of the year. Also seen was a Poplar Hawkmoth in Fairford Leys and on 22nd June I had my first of 15 Pine Hawkmoth pupae hatch - a nice female (photo below). I also had my first Dark Arches of the year in my garden trap on 20th June, plus Brown Rustic, Riband Wave, Peppered Moth, 3 Cinnabars, and White Ermine. Because of the very poor weather over the "Moth Night" weekend, all I can report seeing in Aylesbury over the last few days is: Mullein moth larvae (4); a Silver y flying in pouring rain in my garden last night (23rd June) and a male Eyed Hawkmoth which came to mate with a female I'd reared - he also must have flown in the pouring rain to get to her!"

Pine Hawkmoth
Photo © Dave Maunder
Eyed Hawkmoths pairing
Photo © Dave Maunder

This report came from Andy King: "An Archips xylosteana emerged from some Birch twigs where, as a caterpillar, it had lived in rolled-up leaves, originally in Black Park, Bucks. I found it there on 21st May."

Dave Wilton sent this update: "Further new additions to my year list here in mid-Bucks have included Cacoecimorpha pronubana, Blood-vein & Straw Dot (all Westcott on 17th June), Agapeta hamana & Grapholita compositella (both Calvert on 18th June), Common Footman, Light Arches, Clouded Brindle & Small Dotted Buff (all Westcott on 18th June), Eidophasia messingiella, Apotomis turbidana, Epinotia cruciana, Epiblema rosaecolana, Small Yellow Wave, Green Arches, Grey Arches, Marbled White Spot & Plain Golden Y (all in a private wood near Buckingham on 19th June) and Double Square-spot & Beautiful Hook-tip (both Westcott on 19th June). A daytime visit to the Manor Park area of Aylesbury on 19th June produced Scarlet Tiger (first adult) (3) flying around the front of a house where the rear garden seems to be almost entirely given over to Green Alkanet, one of the moth's favoured foodplants. Peter Hall and I ran light traps for three hours in two different areas of the Ivinghoe Hills on 20th June and got the following species: Ghost Moth, Common Swift, Elachista argentella, Agonopterix arenella, Teleiodes vulgella, Blastobasis lacticolella, Cochylimorpha straminea, Agapeta hamana, Agapeta zoegana, Cochylis atricapitana, Pandemis heparana, Celypha lacunana, Hedya pruniana, Hedya nubiferana, Epinotia signatana, Eucosma cana, Epiblema cynosbatella, Epiblema uddmanniana, Epiblema trimaculana, Cydia fagiglandana, Chrysoteuchia culmella, Crambus lathoniellus, Udea olivalis, Hypochalcia ahenella (a nationally scarce species, 12 seen), Merrifieldia leucodactyla, Pterophorus pentadactyla, Silver-ground Carpet, Garden Carpet, Common Carpet, Yellow Shell, Purple Bar, Common Marbled Carpet, Fern, Pretty Chalk Carpet, Grass Rivulet, Mottled Pug, Freyer's Pug, Shaded Pug, V-Pug, Green Pug, Brimstone Moth, Peppered Moth, Mottled Beauty, Common White Wave, Clouded Silver, Light Emerald, Small Elephant Hawk-moth, Lobster Moth, Buff Ermine, Heart & Club, Heart & Dart, Flame, Large Yellow Underwing, Ingrailed Clay, Setaceous Hebrew Character, Double Square-spot, Shears, Cabbage Moth, Common Wainscot, Shoulder-striped Wainscot, Dark Brocade (a species mainly of chalk downland which is strangely absent from the all-time UTB list), Brown Rustic, Angle Shades, Dark Arches, Light Arches, Reddish Light Arches, Clouded Brindle, Large Nutmeg, Rustic Shoulder-knot, Middle-barred Minor, Treble Lines, Mottled Rustic, Burnished Brass, Silver Y, Plain Golden Y, Spectacle, Straw Dot & Snout. There are still a few micros to identify which will take the species count past 80. While that might be good total for 2012 it is poor for late-June in a normal year, especially when you consider that four MV lights were being run. None of the traps could be classed as "busy", the numbers of individual moths being quite low."

Grey Arches
Photo © Dave Wilton
Scarlet Tiger
Photo © Dave Wilton
Hypochalcia ahenella
Photo © Dave Wilton

Dave Morris reported the following: "In spite of the rain on Wednesday night (20th June), I ran my trap and had a very decent haul, including a couple of species not currently on the list: Brown House Moth x 2; Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix x 1; Lozotaenia forsterana x 2; Ditula angustiorana (Red-barred Tortrix) x 1; Hedya nubiferana (Marbled Orchard Tortrix) x 2; Epiblema trimaculana x 1; Crambus lathoniellus x 1; Scoparia ambigualis x 1; Bee Moth x 3; Small Dusty Wave x 1; Treble Brown Spot x 1; Flame Carpet x 1; Garden Carpet x 1; Common Marbled Carpet x 1; Common Pug x 1; Green Pug x 2; Mottled Beauty x 1; White Ermine x 1; Heart & Club x 1; Heart & Dart x 2; Dark Arches x 1; Large Nutmeg x 2; Tawny Marbled Minor agg. x 1; Treble Lines x 1; Beautiful Hook-tip x 1; Small Fan-foot x 3."

Beautiful Hook-tip
Photo © Dave Morris

~ Wednesday 20th June 2012 ~

Andy King sent this report: "A few moths that turned up on 19th June are not on your 2012 list yet: Treble Bar and Merrifieldia leucodactyla (otherwise known as the Thyme Plume Moth) were disturbed at Aston Clinton Ragpits, Bucks during the daytime and Snout, Chrysoteuchia culmella and Small White Wave all came to my light-trap (just before it broke down!) in Philipshill Wood, Chorleywood, Bucks (VC24)."

Adam Bassett ran his garden moth trap in Marlow Bottom, Bucks on June 19th: "These are currently new to the UTB year list: Celypha striana, Double Square-spot and Straw Dot."

This report came from Wendy Wilson: "On June 19th, I counted at least 10 Mullein Moth larvae at Ditton Park, Slough - the photo shows two of them. On 20th June in the water meadows at Waterhall Park, Milton Keynes, there must have been a mass emergence of Chimney Sweepers as I lost count at 17. Also there was a Burnet Companion. Back home in Gerrards Cross, Bucks I see two Pyrausta aurata on the mint most days."

Mullein larvae
Photo © Wendy Wilson
Chimney Sweeper
Photo © Wendy Wilson
Pyrausta aurata
Photo © Wendy Wilson

Nigel Partridge sent this update: "A few new ones for the year from a trapping session in our garden (Loosley Row, Bucks), 18-06-12: Isotrias rectifasciana, Beautiful Golden Y and Light Arches. Also, on 20-06-12, a Broad-barred White."

Mary Elford reported the following: "On 15/16th June Richard Comont and I ran an MV trap in an isolated garden near Worsham, West Oxfordshire and a small actinic trap in a former quarry next to the garden overnight. The event was for a meeting of the West Oxfordshire Field Club. Although it was a very windy night with some rain, we were delighted to have a total of 29 species of macros: Treble Lines, Turnip, Brown Rustic, Pale-shouldered Brocade, Heart and Dart, Large Yellow Underwing, Small Elephant Hawkmoth, Common Swift, Privet Hawkmoth, Burnished Brass, Cinnabar, Eyed Hawkmoth, Angle Shades, Large Nutmeg, Lychnis, Buff Tip, Yellow Shell, Common Marbled Carpet, Treble-bar, Marbled Minor, Uncertain, Rustic Shoulder Knot, Common Pug, Rustic, Setaceous Hebrew Character, Common Wainscot, Ingrailed Clay, Common Rustic, Spectacle. Hooray – that’s more like it!!"

Dave Morris sent the following: "A trapping session with Robert Payne at Hillmots Wood, Hedgerley, Bucks on 16th June yielded the following moths: Common Swift - 1; Tinea semifulvella - 1; Brown House Moth - 1; Choristoneura hebenstreitella - 5; Green Oak Tortix - 10; Udea olivalis - 1; Maiden's Blush - 2; Silver-ground Carpet - 1; Small Phoenix - 1; Common Marbled Carpet - 1; Green Carpet - 2; Sloe Pug - 1; Brown Silver-line - 1; Mottled Beauty - 1; Brindled White-spot - 2; Common White Wave - 3; Light Emerald - 3; Buff Tip - 1; Swallow Prominent - 1; Orange Footman - 3; White Ermine - 3; Buff Ermine - 2; Heart & Dart - 1; Setaceous Hebrew Character - 3; Marbled White Spot - 3; Snout - 1; Small Fan Foot - 1."

~ Saturday 16th June 2012 ~

The following report came from Dave Wilton: "The disappointing season continues. Moths from mid-Bucks over the past week which might still be new to the UTB list include Pandemis cerasana, Pale Oak Beauty & Privet Hawk-moth (all 9th June at Finemere Wood), Argyresthia spinosella (10th June at a private wood in the Grendon area), Narycia duplicella & leaf mines of Stigmella anomalella (13th June at Westcott), Chimney Sweeper (14th June at Pilch Fields near Great Horwood), Gypsonoma oppressana (16th June near Grendon Underwood) and Hornet Moth (16th June near Ludgershall, a mated pair)."

Gypsonoma oppressana
Photo © Dave Wilton
Hornet Moths
Photo © Dave Wilton
Privet Hawk-moth
Photo © Dave Wilton

Dave Morris sent the following update: "It's been a while since I've managed to trap any moths, due to the weather, but I had a reasonable garden catch in Seer Green, Bucks last night, 15th June, which includes one species not currently on the year list: 1 x Epiblema trimaculana; 1 x Codling Moth; 1 x Scoparia ambigualis; 2 x Eudonia mercurella; 3 x Bee Moth; 1 x Maiden's Blush; 1 x Treble Brown Spot; 2 x Common Marbled Carpet; 2 x Spruce Carpet; 1 x Willow Beauty; 1 x Heart & Dart; 1 x Dark Arches; 1 x Large Nutmeg; 1 x Marbled Minor agg.; 1 x Treble Lines."

Andy King sent this news: "Peter Hall has demonstrated his skill and knowledge of moths once again by identifying a whole bunch that were too difficult for me. Amongst them were, at the time of writing, several that are not on this year's UTB list. From my back garden in Chorleywood, Bucks: Acleris ferrugana (22 Jan). From indoors: Cydia splendana (8 March) (brought on early by the warmth) and Monopis weaverella (27 April) (flying around some snake cages). From Philipshill Wood near Chorleywood: Eriocrania semipurpurella (6 April), Pammene fasciana (23 May), Swammerdamia caesiella, Cnephasia communana and Marbled Minor (all 23 May). From a roadside near Drayton Beauchamp in Bucks: Cochylimorpha straminea and from College Lake Nature Reserve near Tring: Mompha epilobiella (both 22 May). Rather surprisingly, perhaps, for a moth described by at least one web-site as the commonest of the birch-feeding Eriocranias, E. semipurpurella is also not on the UTB All-time List (see Moth Stats). Below is a much-magnified photo of it."

Eriocrania semipurpurella
Photo © Andy King

Alastair Driver reported the following: "Grabbed the chance between weather fronts to set my Robinson trap on 13th June at home in Sonning, Berks and although I only trapped a measly 7 species, I did catch my first ever Cypress Carpet and first garden record of Campion. Other macros were Brimstone Moth, Large Nutmeg, Large Yellow Underwing, Treble Lines and Treble Brown-spot."

Cypress Carpet
Photo © Alastair Driver
Photo © Alastair Driver

~ Thursday 14th June 2012 ~

Wendy Wilson sent this news: "Today I went to Pednor Bottom, Bucks (usually a lovely butterfly hot-spot) and saw 2 Yellow Shells and a Udea olivalis."

May Webber sent the following from Long Hanborough, Oxon on 14th June: "I found this pristine Lime Hawkmoth in my greenhouse on 13th June so placed it on a nearby tree. I have not seen one this year so I was very happy! I also had this Treble Lines in my garden moth trap on 31st May."

Lime Hawkmoth
Photo © May Webber
Treble Lines
Photo © May Webber

Dave Maunder reported the following: "I had my first Small Ranunculus moth in my Aylesbury (Bucks) garden trap yesterday (13th June)."

Tony Rayner sent this sighting: "On 12th June my Cholsey (Oxon) garden trap catch included my first Dark Arches, Large Yellow Underwing and Green Pug."

Green Pug
Photo © Tony Rayner

The following report came from David Redhead: "I went to Swyncombe Down, Oxon on Wednesday afternoon, 13th June and along with good numbers of Small Blue & Small Heath saw the following moths - Burnet Companion, Cinnabar, Common Carpet, Silver Y and a Yellow Shell."

Derek Brown sent this report: "I had this odd micro moth indoors at home in Beenham, Berks on 12th June. I thought that it might be a Large Tabby (Aglossa pinguinalis) and my thanks to Peter Hall for subsequently confirming this id."

Aglossa pinguinalis (Large Tabby)
Photo © Derek Brown

Mary Elford sent the following: "The opportunities for trapping are still pretty limited due to the heavy rain and wind but I was pleased to see a Varied Coronet in my trap in Bampton, Oxon on 10th June."

Varied Coronet
Photo © Mary Elford

~ Monday 11th June 2012 ~

Chris Bottrell sent this report: "Two more sessions from my Merton (Oxon) back garden caught only 26 moths of 13 species on the 7/6 and 36 of 10 on the 9/6. Nothing new for the list though. However whilst down on Otmoor (Oxon) Saturday morning 9/6 a well grown caterpillar of The Lackey sensibly keeping to the grass but also an Oak Eggar caterpillar unwisely crossing the path. Relocated to avoid being trodden on or becoming a snack for a Cuckoo. Then that afternoon whilst attempting a butterfly survey for BBOWT at Sydlings Copse (Oxon) a very smart little moth, Pseudargyrotoza conwagana, was found flitting around the woodland edge."

Lackey larva
Photo © Chris Bottrell
Oak Eggar larva
Photo © Chris Bottrell
Pseudargyrotoza conwagana
Photo © Chris Bottrell

Dave Ferguson sent the following: "Elophila nymphaeata (Brown China-mark) doesn't feature on the list of moths of the year so far, so here is a photo of one taken at Stoke Common, Bucks on 9th June."

Elophila nymphaeata (Brown China-mark)
Photo © Dave Ferguson

This report came from Rob Payne: "In Black Park, Bucks on Saturday afternoon, 9th June, I managed to see: Tortrix viridana (Green Oak Tortrix), Common Heath, Ancylis uncella, Celypha lacunana, Common Wave and possible Pammene germana and Tischeria ekebladella (both to be confirmed by Peter Hall). Then at my flat that evening in Langley, Berks: Ephestia parasitella (unicolorella), Bee Moth, Treble Brown Spot and Tachystola acroxantha."

Ephestia parasitella
Photo © Rob Payne
Tortrix viridana (Green Oak Tortrix)
Photo © Rob Payne
Treble Brown Spot
Photo © Rob Payne

Nigel Partridge reported the following: "Two more from a trapping session on 09-06-12 in our garden in Loosley Row, Bucks: Shoulder-striped Wainscot and Heart & Club."

David Redhead sent this news: "9th June - Dominic Woodfield came across a Nemophora degeerella at Gavray Drive Meadows, Oxon. Other moths seen were a Mother Shipton and several Burnet Companions & Silver-ground Carpets and also I saw a Common Swift rather unusually flying in daylight.
Then overnight (9th June) I ran my garden moth trap in Littlemore, Oxon for the first time in June this year. In spite of adding four macro-moth species to my 2012 garden list I think the contents, or lack of, set a record for my garden for a first half of June garden moth trap, with just 18 macro-moths from 14 species. Normally I would expect at least twice as many species and four times the number of individuals. For the record the contents were as follows: doubletons of Buff Ermine, Common Marbled Carpet, Common Swift & Treble Lines and singletons of Brown Rustic, Burnished Brass, Cinnabar, Clouded-bordered Brindle, Green Carpet, Large Yellow Underwing, Pale Tussock, Peppered Moth, Poplar Hawkmoth & Swallow Prominent."

~ Saturday 9th June 2012 ~

Dave Wilton reported the following: "Disturbed from vegetation while mowing the lawn here at Westcott, Bucks on 5th June were Hedya pruniana and Small Dusty Wave, while a reasonably productive hour spent searching the garden for moths between heavy showers during the daytime on 6th June produced Adela croesella (1, flying around a flower bed), Bucculatrix thoracella (at least eight sheltering under lime leaves), Blastobasis lacticolella (1, resting on ivy), Endothenia nigricostana (1, hiding under a leaf of hedge woundwort), Crambus lathoniellus (1, flying across the lawn) & Pyrausta aurata (sitting on cat mint), along with single larvae of Vapourer (on lime) and Yellow-tail (on hawthorn). The overnight trap had produced just four moths on 4th June (a very chilly night), but another attempt during the early part of the night on 6th June before rain set in brought 32 species which included my first garden sightings this year of Nematopogon metaxella, Mottled Beauty & Large Yellow Underwing."

~ Thursday 7th June 2012 ~

This update came from Chris Bottrell: "Back in the doldrums again over the bank holiday weekend. Only 4 moths in my Merton (Oxon) garden trap on the 4/6: Common Swift (1), Cnephasia sp. (poss incertana), Turnip Moth (1) and Heart and Dart (1). However whilst on a fruitless Black Hairstreak hunt in Whitecross Green Wood, Oxon on the 2nd June I found a Red-necked Footman hanging onto a grass stem in the rides."

David Redhead reported the following: "On 4th June during a morning's dog walk, I found a fully grown Drinker caterpillar feeding on common reed on the Heyford Hill marshland in Oxon. Then on 7th June - another dog-walking caterpillar sighting - a full grown Mullein Moth caterpillar on a verbascum growing on nearby wasteland."

Derek Messenger sent the following: "Sorry, I didn’t get a photo, but I definitely released a live Small Elephant Hawkmoth from the inside windowsill of Gerrards Cross golf club (in Bucks) on 4th June after a rather hectic diamond jubilee ball weekend. Never really seen a pink moth before!!"

Rob Payne sent this news: "I had this Ghost Moth in the porch of my flat in Langley, Berks on 4th June."

Ghost Moth
Photo © Rob Payne

Dave Maunder sent this report from Aylesbury, Bucks: "I had a nice female Puss moth hatch on 6th June from an overwintered pupa - thought you might like to see it. I also had an Eyed Hawkmoth and Poplar Hawkmoth hatch a week back, also from overwintered pupae - just waiting for my 16 Pine Hawkmoth pupae to hatch as well! Also had a Poplar Hawk to my garden trap on May 30th, plus 3 Pale Tussocks, 3 Scalloped Hazels, 1 Fern moth, 3 Silver Y's on 2nd June - new immigrants I should imagine, also 2 Peppered Moths, Chinese Character, Oak Hook-tip, Freyer's Pug, Lime Hawk (27th May), Figure of 80 (28th May) and quite a few Common Swifts which seem to be doing well this year as Dave Wilton also mentioned. I also had a very pale specimen of Shuttle-shaped Dart on the 2nd June (see photo)."

Puss Moth
Photo © Dave Maunder
Shuttle-shaped Dart
Photo © Dave Maunder

This report came from Andy King: "Whilst walking around College Lake Nature Reserve on 1 June, while it was still sunny, I spotted several moths, one of which I believe is only currently known from one other site in Buckinghamshire: Dichrorampha sequana. There were plenty of Cinnabars and I saw one Cocksfoot Moth. Also, two pictures of one of the world's ugliest moths, which I'm rather fond of, the Pale Prominent, blending into the surrounding sticks quite nicely."

Pale Prominent
Photo © Andy King
Pale Prominent
Photo © Andy King

~ Saturday 2nd June 2012 ~

Nigel Partridge reported the following: "A Map-winged Swift was attracted to the trap on 1st June which is a new species for my garden in Loosley Row, Bucks."

Map-winged Swift
Photo © Nigel Partridge

Dave Wilton sent the following update: "Further possible additions to the UTB species list that I've seen at sites in Bucks up to the end of the May include:
28th May - Small Purple-barred (daytime at Ivinghoe); Bucculatrix bechsteinella, Ptycholoma lecheana, Epiblema trimaculana, Lime Hawk-moth, Flame, Small Clouded Brindle, Mottled Rustic (all trapped at Calvert).
29th May - Forester (daytime in Bernwood Meadows); Dichrorampha acuminatana, Grapholita funebrana, Puss Moth (all trapped at Westcott).
30th May - Cochylis nana, Commophila aeneana (daytime in Bernwood Forest); Scrobipalpa acuminatella, Blastobasis lacticolella (both trapped at Westcott).
31st May - Endothenia gentianaeana (Westcott, emerged from teasels collected near Ickford back in mid-March)
Daytime flyers found near home at Westcott on 1st June included Micropterix aruncella, Epiblema costipunctana & Dichrorampha alpinana. That night's haul from the garden trap comprised more than 50 moth species for the first time this year and they included Ectoedemia decentella, Epinotia tedella, Udea olivalis, Middle-barred Minor & Burnished Brass. Most numerous moth was Common Swift (39) which seems to be having a really good year. Two of the smallest species mentioned here are illustrated below, both having a wing length of about 3mm:"

Ectoedemia decentella
Photo © Dave Wilton
Micropterix aruncella
Photo © Dave Wilton

Adam Bassett sent this report from Marlow Bottom, Bucks: "Not much to add to the ever growing year list, but these are not showing on the UTB list as I write – all from the garden:
26th May – Plutella porrectella, Epinotia immundana, Uncertain.
1st June – Lathronympha strigana, Monopis obviella, Strophedra weirana, Clepsis consimilana, Epinotia demarniana, Small Dusty Wave, Pretty Chalk Carpet, Mottled Beauty, Flame, a probable Tawny Marbled Minor (pending confirmation by Peter Hall) and my fourth White-point since my first in August 2009 and the first record outside of August. I do wonder whether these are migrants or are now breeding locally."

~ Friday 1st June 2012 ~

This report came from Chris Bottrell: "The results of my mid-week (30/5) session in my Merton (Oxon) back garden. 99 individuals of 27 species: Common Swift (30), White-shouldered House-moth (1), Celypha lacunana (1), Crambus lathoniellus (1), Scoparia ambigualis (2), Opsibotys fuscalis (1), Bee Moth (1M, 1F), Common Marbled Carpet (1), Green Carpet (5), Lime-speck Pug (1), Common Pug (5), Brimstone Moth (1), Buff-tip (2), Swallow Prominent (1), Chocolate-tip (1), White Ermine (2), Turnip Moth (1), Heart and Dart (5), Flame Shoulder (2), Common Wainscot (1), The Coronet (1), Large Nutmeg (10), Rustic Shoulder-knot (2), Marbled Minor agg (3), Treble Lines (13), Vine's Rustic (3) and Silver Y (1)."

Photo © Chris Bottrell

Dave Morris sent this update: "Some more records from my Seer Green, Bucks garden trapping, plus a couple of "field trips". At the time of writing there are some new species here for the list!
26th May - Incurvaria masculella; Nematopogon swammerdamella; White-shouldered House Moth; Syndemis musculana; Codling Moth; Bee Moth; Garden Carpet; Common Marbled Carpet; Grey Pine Carpet; Broken-barred Carpet; Mottled Pug; Common Pug; White-spotted Pug; Yellow-barred Brindle; Brimstone; Orange Footman; Light Brocade; Tawny Marbled Minor agg; Treble Lines
27th May - Bee Moth; Spruce Carpet; Green Carpet; Mottled Pug; Common Pug; Dwarf Pug; Double-striped Pug; Orange Footman; The Shears; Light Brocade; Treble Lines; Spectacle
29th May - Argyresthia trifasciata; Brown House Moth; Small Magpie; Bee Moth; Small Phoenix; Grey Pine Carpet; Green Carpet; Buff Tip; Pale Tussock; Orange Footman; The Shears; Marbled Minor agg; Treble Lines; Silver Y
29th May, Church Wood RSPB (with Robert Payne) - Common Swift; Incurvaria masculella; White-shouldered House Moth; Eulia ministrana; Scoparia ambigualis; Pebble Hook-tip; Common Carpet; Broken-barred Carpet; Green Carpet; Foxglove Pug; Currant Pug; Dingy Shell; Brown Silver-line; Common Wave; Iron Prominent; Marbled Brown; Pale Tussock; Orange Footman; Buff Ermine; Small Angle Shades; Angle Shades
30th May, Hodgemoor (daytime sightings in the hedges and fields) - Incurvaria masculella; Adela rufimitrella; Adela fibulella; Common Carpet; Broken-barred Carpet; Green Carpet; Small Yellow Underwing.

Adela fibulella
Photo © Dave Morris
Dingy Shell
Photo © Dave Morris
Eurrhypara hortulata (Small Magpie)
Photo © Dave Morris

May Webber sent the following: "I ran my trap in Long Hanborough, Oxon on 29th May. Nothing of too much interest other than my first Poplar Hawkmoth of the year, a beautiful Peppered Moth, Marbled Minor agg. and many Treble Lines. However, I did manage to catch a Coronet, which isn't on the 2012 species list yet."

Peppered Moth
Photo © May Webber

Keith Mitchell sent the following report: "I eventually dusted off my Robinson Trap, after a well-earned sabbatical. Nothing out of the ordinary, but here are a few records from the frozen North of UTB - my Stoke Goldington, Bucks garden on 28th May: Common Swift(15), Tinea trinotella (Birds Nest Moth) garden first, Celypha lacunana (3), Dipleurina lacustrata, Eudonia angustea, Garden Pebble, Eurrhypara hortulata (Small Magpie), Garden Carpet, Common Carpet, Red-green Carpet, Green Carpet (4), Mottled Pug, Lime-speck Pug, Common Pug, Oak Tree Pug, Brimstone (5), Scalloped Hazel, Peppered Moth (3), Clouded Silver, Poplar Hawk-moth, Pale Prominent, White Ermine (2), Muslin (2), Cinnabar, Heart and Dart, Flame-shoulder (2), Light Brocade, Bright-line Brown-eye, Hebrew Character, Brown Rustic, Rustic Shoulder-knot (5), Treble-lines (3), Silver-Y, Spectacle (2), Dagger agg, plus 20+ Pyrausta aurata around the Marjoram during the day."

Light Brocade
Photo © Keith Mitchell

~ Monday 28th May 2012 ~

Ali Driver sent this news from Sonning, Berks: "Got the Robinson trap out on 27th May after a 2 month gap and armed with my brand new (and superb) Field guide to micro moths by Sterling and Parsons, I managed to record Notocelia cynosbatella (Epiblema cynosbatella), Epinotia rubiginosana, Hofmannophila pseudospretella and Tachystola acroxantha. The only macro species not yet on the UTB list at the time of writing was Buff-tip."

Rob Payne sent the following: "I was trapping for an hour and a half last night, 27th May, at my usual site near Beaconsfield, Bucks: Peppered Moth - 1, Pale Tussock - 4, Iron Prominent - 5, Maiden's Blush - 3, Flame Shoulder - 2, Silver-gound Carpet - 10+, Light Emerald - 1, Brimstone - 1, Oak Hook-tip - 2, Pebble Hook-tip - 2, Orange Footman - 7, Tawny-barred Angle - 1, Green Carpet - 2, Waved Umber - 2, Brown Silver-line - 2, White Ermine - 1, Green Silver-lines - 1, Eulia ministrana - 3, Phtheochroa rugosana - 1, what I think were Scoparia ambigualis - 3, 3 Pug species to be identified + a lot of micros. Also a Cockchafer count of 60+."

Green Silver-lines
Photo © Rob Payne
Peppered Moth
Photo © Rob Payne
Light Emerald
Photo © Rob Payne

Dave Wilton sent this update: "The warmer weather of the past week has seen me busily trying to catch up with visits to a number of sites here in Bucks. Moths that may perhaps still be new to the UTB list for the year are as follows:
21st May - Hysterophora maculosana, Green Silver-lines (both Finemere Wood), Clouded-bordered Brindle (Westcott).
22nd May - Glyphipterix fuscoviridella, Grass Rivulet (Bernwood Meadows), Grey Pug (Westcott), Nematopogon swammerdamella, Emmetia marginea, Spuleria flavicaput, Epinotia subocellana, Scalloped Hook-tip, Peach Blossom, Poplar Lutestring, Scorched Wing, Lobster Moth (all in a private wood near Buckingham).
23rd May - Glyphipterix simpliciella, Crambus lathoniellus (Westcott), Elachista argentella, Metzneria metzneriella, Small Waved Umber, Light Feathered Rustic, Shears, Broom Moth (all Ashridge Estate).
24th May - Buff-tip (Westcott), Aspilapteryx tringipennella, Alder Moth, Brown Rustic, Pale-shouldered Brocade (Ashridge Estate with Peter Hall).
25th May - Phoenix, Common Wainscot, Poplar Grey (Westcott).
26th May - Phyllonorycter harrisella, Scrobipalpa costella, Common White Wave, Oak Nycteoline (Ashridge Estate with Peter Hall).
27th May - Incurvaria oehlmanniella, Small Seraphim, Brindled White-spot, Willow Beauty, Small Fan-foot (all Finemere Wood).
By far the most interesting species was Light Feathered Rustic, found on Ivinghoe Beacon and two other nearby sites. The moth is uncommon in Bucks and appears to be new to the All-time UTB list."

Poplar Lutestring
Photo © Dave Wilton
Broom Moth
Photo © Dave Wilton
Light Feathered Rustic
Photo © Dave Wilton

This report came from Derek Brown: "I finally managed to do some overnight trapping in the garden at Beenham, Berks this weekend and had a few that don't appear to be on the UTB list so far.
Sat 26th May - Buff-tip; Willow Beauty; Buff Ermine and Eyed Hawkmoth (first since 2008).
Sun 27th May - Scorched Wing; Ingrailed Clay; Lobster Moth and Vine's Rustic."

Eyed Hawkmoth
Photo © Derek Brown

David Redhead reported the following: "My overnight garden moth trap in Littlemore, Oxon on 27th May produced 10% more macro-moths than the one two nights ago but 20% less species. The increase in numbers is down to the Green Carpet with 23 compared to 14 two nights ago and Treble Lines with 21 against 10. Back in 2006 the Treble Lines was my top garden moth since when it has performed comparitively poorly but last year it made something of a comeback by just re-entering the top ten. Looks as though it might be making a bid for top spot again in 2012. Although there were only 23 species nearly a third were additions to my 2012 garden list - Brimstone Moth (2), Buff Ermine (2), Clouded-bordered Brindle, Nut-tree Tussock, Obscure Wainscot (1), Pale Tussock (3) & Spectacle (2)."

Chris Bottrell sent this report: 26/5: Whilst doing my Saturday morning volunteer warden duties on RSPB Otmoor (Oxon), Anthophila fabriciana (Nettle-tap) found near the car park. Then that night the catch from my Merton (Oxon) garden, 53 moths of 24 species: Common Swift (9), White-shouldered House-moth (3), Agonopterix arenella (1), Scoparia ambigualis (2), Bee Moth (2F), Chinese Character (1), Red Twin-spot Carpet (1), Garden Carpet (2), Common Marbled Carpet (3), Green Carpet (2), Mottled Pug (2), Common Pug (2), Brindled Pug (4), Pale Prominent (1), White Ermine (1), Buff Ermine (2), Shuttle-shaped Dart (2), Flame Shoulder (1), The Lychnis (1), Rustic Shoulder-knot (1), Marbled Minor agg (2), Treble Lines (4), Vine's Rustic (2) and Pale Mottled Willow (2)."

Anthophila fabricana
Photo © Chris Bottrell

A number of moths were seen at Greenham Common, Berks, during the Field Meeting led by David Redhead on 27th May: "A small party of five excelled themselves by recording 10 butterfly species and 4 day flying moths. The highest score of the meeting belonged to a micro-moth, Cydia ulicetana, flying in uncountable numbers around the gorse. Potentially we recorded over 30 Lesser Treble-bar moth but only 6 were distinguished from the very similar Treble-bar, the rest were far too flighty to be chased down on a hot day. The lepidopteral sighting of the day had to be two Yellow Belles, this moth species is normally found on the coast but Greenham Common is one of its few inland sites. The fourth day flying moth was the Cinnabar, with 2 in total. (Thanks go to Dave Wilton for pointing us in the right direction to identify the micro-moth)."

Alan Gudge reported the following: "We set a trap in our garden in Frieth, Bucks on each of Friday 25th and Saturday 26th and had a Buff-tip on both nights. Others included Treble-lines, Early Grey, Green Carpet, White Ermine, Scalloped Hazel, Cream Wave, Small Phoenix and Coxcomb Prominent. I have twice seen Mother Shipton during daytime recently: on 24th May on Frieth Meadows (when I was counting the Green-winged Orchids) and on 25th May in Mousell's Wood."

Tom Stevenson sent the following: "Herewith a list of the species caught 24th May to a 125w mv trap at Ewelme Watercress Beds LNR, Oxon: Angle Shades 2, Brimstone 7, Buttoned Snout 1, Chocolate Tip 1, Clouded Silver 1, Common Carpet 1, Common Pug 1, Common Swift 2, Flame Shoulder 5, Grass Rivulet 1, Green Carpet 11, Heart and Dart 1, Lesser-swallow Prominent 1, Light Brocade 8, Lychnis 1, Muslin 1, Peppered Moth 1, Poplar Hawk 3, Rustic Shoulder Knot 10, Scalloped Hazel 1, Shuttle-shaped Dart 2, Silver ground Carpet 2, Silver Y 1, Treble Lines 7, Vine's Rustic 1, Waved Umber 1, White Ermine 2, Pale Prominent and White Point 1."

~ Saturday 26th May 2012 ~

Robert Payne saw this Alabonia geoffrella at Langley Park, Berks this afternoon, 26th May.

Alabonia geoffrella
Photo © Robert Payne

The following came from Andy King today: "After the moth-famine, induced by the poor weather, it was good to get hot, sultry conditions. I took my moth-trap to Philipshill Wood, Bucks on Thursday 24th May and was visited by large numbers of creatures, representing Arthropods from six separate orders: Coleoptera (especially too many Cockchafers and click beetles), Diptera, Dermaptera (a couple of earwigs), Orthoptera (a tiny baby Bush Cricket), Hemiptera (some shield bugs), Mecoptera (a scorpionfly - picture attached) and, of course, dozens of Lepidoptera. Other phyla and sub-phyla were represented, too: Molluscs (slugs), Arthropods (spiders) and, much more charmingly, a young badger, which trundled up to watch me for some minutes from a nearby clump of bushes. When I went to feed it some Cockchafers it had slipped away. The moths were: Green Carpet, Engrailed, Pale Tussock, Red-green Carpet, Cream Wave, Nut-tree Tussock, Twin-spot Carpet, Waved Umber, White-pinion Spotted, Clay Triple-lines, Flame Shoulder, Tawny-barred Angle, Least Black Arches, Sandy Carpet, Brimstone, Orange Footman, Yellow-barred Brindle, Scorched Carpet, Iron Prominent, Maple Prominent, V-pug, Phtheochroa rugosana, Pseudoswammerdamia combinella, Diamond-back Moth, Ancylis mitterbacheriana, Capua vulgana, White-shouldered House Moth, Eulia ministrana and Syndemis musculana. There are another dozen I haven't yet identified. The last time I went there, at the beginning of May, I took one moth!"

Photo © Andy King

Adam Bassett sent this report today: "I ran a moth trap in my garden in Marlow Bottom, Bucks on May 23rd and recorded the following not currently shown on the UTB year list: Teleiodes luculella, Capua vulgana, Celypha lacunana, Epiblema cynosbatella, Barred Hook-tip, Broken-barred Carpet, Netted Pug (new for the garden list), Heart & Dart, Light Brocade, Large Nutmeg."

David Redhead reported the following: "Perhaps not surprisingly, last night (25th May) produced my best 2012 overnight garden moth trap in Littlemore, Oxon from ten attempts with 82 macro-moths from 29 species plus a Bee Moth. The macros were: Green Carpet (14), Poplar Hawkmoth (10), Treble Lines (10), Flame Shoulder (5), Orange Footman (5), Common Swift (4), Common Carpet (3), Common Pug (3), Swallow Prominent (3), Least Black Arches (2), Light Brocade (2), Pale Prominent (2), Silver Y (2) and singletons of Chocolate-tip, Cinnabar, Clouded Border, Double-striped Pug, Figure of Eighty, Garden Carpet, Hebrew Character, Lychnis, May Highflyer, Muslin Moth, Pale Mottled Willow, Rustic Shoulder-knot, Scalloped Hazel, Shuttle-shaped Dart, Silver-ground Carpet & White Ermine."

Dave Morris ran these traps in his Seer Green, Bucks garden recently: "The numbers are ramping up now. I think there are a couple of new species on the list:
23rd May - Argyresthia trifasciata -1; Cochylis atricapitana - 1; Light Brown Apple Moth - 1; Bee Moth - 2; Common Marbled Carpet - 1; Grey Pine Carpet - 5; Spruce Carpet - 2; Green Carpet - 2; Common Pug - 1; Scorched Carpet - 2; Clouded Silver - 2; Orange Footman - 1; White Ermine - 1; Flame Shoulder - 1; Light Brocade - 1.
24th May - Tinea trinotella - 1; Brown House Moth - 2; Esperia sulphurella - 1; Syndemis musculana - 8; Light Brown Apple Moth - 1; Orthotaenia undulana - 1; Cydia pomonella (Codling Moth) - 1; Scoparia ambigualis - 1; Eudonia angustea - 1; Bee Moth - 3; Flame Carpet - 1; Garden Carpet - 1; Grey Pine Carpet - 2; Spruce Carpet - 2; Green Carpet - 1; Mottled Pug - 1; Common Pug - 1; White-spotted Pug - 1; Scorched Carpet - 2; Tawny Barred Angle - 1; Brimstone - 7; Pale Tussock - 1; Heart & Dart - 1; Light Brocade - 1; Treble Lines - 1."

May Webber sent the following: "I caught a Bordered Straw in my trap in Long Hanborough, Oxon last night (24th May) and saw it was not on our 2012 species list!"

Bordered Straw
Photo © May Webber

Robert Payne sent this report: "Dave Morris and I were trapping near Beaconsfield, Bucks on Tuesday night (22nd May) and had: Adela reaumurella 1, Tinea semifulvella 1, Diamond-back Moth 1, Syndemis musculana 1, Eulia ministrana 1, Ancylis mitterbacheriana 1, Twenty-plume Moth 1, Oak Hook-tip 1, Pebble Hook-tip 2, Chinese Character 1, Silver-ground Carpet 4, Common Carpet 1, Green Carpet 1, Lime-speck Pug 1, Brown Silver-line 4, Waved Umber 1 and White-pinion Spotted 1.
And I trapped on my own for a short time last night (24th May) at Black Park, Bucks: Maiden's Blush - 1, Green Carpet - 3, Brimstone - 1, Poplar Hawk-moth (male) - 1, Miller - 1, Clouded Border - 1, Common Carpet - 1, Iron Prominent - 1, Common Marbled Carpet - 1 plus various micros and a couple of faded pugs, all of which I will try to ID over the next few days."

~ Thursday 24th May 2012 ~

With the improving weather Chris Bottrell reports an improved catch in his Merton (Oxon) garden: Wednesday 23rd May, 62 moths of 25 species: Common Swift (17), Monopis laevigella (1), Tinea trinotella (1), Parornix sp. (1 poss. betulae), Argyresthia trifasciata (1), White-shouldered House-moth (Endrosis sarcitrella) (1), Cnephasia sp. (4), Rush Veneer (Nomophila noctuella) (1 very tatty), Bee Moth (Aphomia sociella) (3F), Red Twin-spot Carpet (2), Garden Carpet (1), Green Carpet (8), Lime-speck Pug (1), Brindled Beauty (1M), Waved Umber (1), Small Elephant Hawkmoth (1), Sallow Kitten (4), Flame Shoulder (2), White Ermine (3), Muslin Moth (1M), Setaceous Hebrew Character (2), Hebrew Character (1), Rustic Shoulder-knot (2), Marbled Minor agg (1 poss. Tawny but escaped!), and Treble Lines (1). Thanks to Peter Hall for confirming my micro identification."

Sallow Kitten
Photo © Chris Bottrell
Small Elephant Hawkmoth
Photo © Chris Bottrell
Monopis laevigella
Photo © Chris Bottrell

This report came from David Redhead: "Shabbington Wood, Bucks butterfly transect 20th May - a diversion into Bernwood Meadows in an attempt to raise my spirits owing to paucity of butterflies did produce several Opsibotys fuscalis. The trees along the route produced only a few small swarms of Adela reaumurella and nowhere near the numbers of last year."

Wendy Wilson reported the following: "Today May 24th, five minutes walk north from Denham Bucks railway station in Savay Lane, I came across this massive conglomeration of Spindle Ermine (Yponomeuta cagnagella) larvae. An impressive sight - there must be several thousand caterpillars there - on a hedge separating a suburban street from a ploughed field. Were all the eggs laid by one female, do you think?"

Spindle Ermine webs
Photo © Wendy Wilson
Spindle Ermine larvae
Photo © Wendy Wilson

Nigel Partridge sent this report today: "The following are all from a trapping session in our garden (Loosley Row, Bucks) on 23-05-12: Tinea trinotella, Nemapogon cloacella, Garden Carpet, Bucculatrix nigricomella and Scorched Carpet."

~ Wednesday 23rd May 2012 ~

Richard Wheeler sent the following: "Lunchtime at Yoesden Bank, Bucks today (23/05/12) yielded: 7 species of butterfly plus several moths, including 1 each of Lesser Treble-bar, Cinnabar and Mother Shipton."

Mother Shipton
Photo © Richard Wheeler

This update came from Dave Morris: "The results of a couple more trappings in my Seer Green, Bucks garden, which includes I think new species for the year:
20th May - Syndemis musculana, Scoparia ambigualis, Grey Pine Carpet, Marbled Brown, Turnip Moth
22nd May - Syndemis musculana, Scoparia ambigualis, Emmelina monodactyla, Grey Pine Carpet (3), Common Pug (2), White-spotted Pug, Yellow Barred Brindle, Scalloped Hazel
23rd May - On a walk in Black Park, Bucks this afternoon, 4 Speckled Yellows."

Marbled Brown
Photo © Dave Morris
Turnip Moth
Photo © Dave Morris

Mick & Wendy Campbell visited the Devil's Punchbowl, near Wantage, Oxon on 22nd May: "Along with good numbers of butterflies, we counted 75 Wood Tiger Moths (including a mating pair) and also found a Garden Tiger caterpillar racing along the hillside. It looked full-grown (about 60mm) so presumably it was looking for somewhere to pupate."

Garden Tiger caterpillar
Photo © Wendy Campbell

This report came from Dave Maunder: "At last, some decent weather and a few moths to report from Aylesbury, Bucks:- in my garden m.v. trap on 21st May I had Chocolate-tip (1); Swallow Prominent (1); Hebrew Character (1); Green Carpet (2); Brimstone moths (3); Scalloped Hazel (1); Shuttle-shaped Dart (1); Flame-shoulder (1) and Pale Tussock (1). A few other species found locally include Yellow-barred Brindle (1, 22nd); Seraphim (1, 20th); Common Swift (1); Chinese Character (1, 19th); Cabbage moth (1); Emperor moths, males - 5 - assembled in early May; Purple Thorn (1, 9th) and Swallow Prominent (1,8th)."

Swallow Prominent & Chocolate-tip
Photo © Dave Maunder
Yellow-barred Brindle
Photo © Dave Maunder

Chris Bottrell sent this report: 12/05: Despite what I thought to be quite a reasonable night, absolutely nothing in my Merton (Oxon) garden trap. 13/05: Whilst doing an early morning breeding bird survey for BBOWT in Finemere Wood, Bucks plenty of swarming Adela reaumurella in the sunnier spots. Then that evening a fluttering Bee Moth (Aphomia sociella) attracting the cat's attention in the cottage. Luckily escaped. 16/05: A small catch in the garden trap: Cnephasia sp. (poss. communana?) (1), Shuttle Shaped Dart (1), Powdered Quaker (1) and Hebrew Character (2). And on the 19/05: Agonopterix arenella (1), Garden Carpet (1), Spruce Carpet (2), Green Carpet (1), Brindled Beauty (1M), Muslin Moth (1M), The Lychnis (1) and Treble Lines (1)."

Spruce Carpet
Photo © Chris Bottrell
Photo © Chris Bottrell

David Redhead sent the following: "May 18th - my overnight garden moth trap in Littlemore, Oxon produced Green Carpet (5), Pale Pinion (3), Small Phoenix (2), Cabbage Moth (1), Double-striped Pug (1), Muslin Moth (1), Seraphim (1) & Orange Footman (1)."

Mary Elford writes: "There were 2 Evergestis forficalis (Garden Pebble) in my garden trap (Bampton, West Oxfordshire) on 18th May. Also, on 19th May, I found this Peppered Moth on the outside of the plastic collar of the trap."

Peppered Moth
Photo © Mary Elford

Dave Morris sent this update: ""More moths are arriving in my Seer Green, Bucks garden:
17th May - one each of Brindled Pug, Ochreous Pug, Yellow Barred Brindle, Garden Carpet, Grey Pine Carpet, Emmelina monodactyla.
18th May in the daytime, Twenty-plume Moth, Incurvaria masculella, Esperia sulphurella, Amblyptilia acanthadactyla.
18th May overnight trapping one each of Green Carpet, Silver-ground Carpet, Red Twin-spot Carpet, Common Quaker, Brindled Pug, E. monodactyla and 2 Grey Pine Carpets."

~ Friday 18th May 2012 ~

Dave Wilton reported the following: "Further sightings in mid-Bucks over the past few days have included Coleophora albicosta (Calvert, 13th May), Grapholita internana (Calvert, 15th May), Ancylis badiana, Elachista canapennella, Common Wave, White-pinion Spotted, Great Prominent & Pale Tussock (all at Finemere Wood, 16th May), Pyrausta nigrata (Ivinghoe, 17th May), Common Swift & Poplar Hawk-moth (Westcott, 17th May) and Micropterix mansuetella (Shabbington Wood, 18th May). Micropterix mansuetella is new to the all-time UTB list. Upon returning to my car following a work-party in the M40 Compensation Area this tiny moth landed on the back of my hand and kindly sat there while I scrabbled around to find a pot!"

Pyrausta nigrata
Photo © Dave Wilton
Micropterix mansuetella
Photo © Dave Wilton

Mary Elford sent this report: "This Rustic Shoulder-knot was in my trap in Bampton, Oxon on 11th May. Moths only arriving in small numbers but the forecast is for a warmer spell so let’s be hopeful."

Rustic Shoulder-knot
Photo © Mary Elford

Wendy Wilson sent the following report: "Whilst butterflying around Wraysbury, Bucks on 16th May, I saw a Common Carpet and a Small Yellow Underwing. On an oak tree at Austenwood Common, Chalfont St Peter (Bucks) on 15th May, I found a Satellite larva and on 27th April an Angle Shades was on a tree trunk in my Gerrards Cross, Bucks garden."

Small Yellow Underwing
Photo © Wendy Wilson
Satellite larva
Photo © Wendy Wilson
Angle Shades
Photo © Wendy Wilson

Dave Morris reported the following: "On Wednesday afternoon 16th May in my Seer Green garden in Bucks, I spotted a Laburnum Leaf Miner (Leucoptera laburnella). I did take a picture but the moth is so tiny my aging camera was not able to get a sharp photo!"

Rob Payne sent this report: "I had such a good weekend over the Bank Holiday that I forgot to send a report for my afternoon walk around Black Park, Bucks on Tuesday 8th May, so here it is. Light wind, overcast with bright periods, warm 15 to 17 degrees: Common Heath - 4, Beautiful Yellow Underwing, Adela rufimitrella - abundant and Neofaculta ericetella.

Beautiful Yellow Underwing
Photo © Rob Payne

Then on 16th May I put my trap out for half an hour in my garden near Beaconsfield, Bucks and had: Great Prominent - 1, Maiden's Blush - 1 and Pale Tussock - 1."

David Redhead reported the following: "13th May - several Burnet Companions and Common Heath (male & female) seen whilst walking the Chilswell Valley (to immediate west of Oxford) butterfly transect."

~ Sunday 13th May 2012 ~

Dave Wilton sent this report: "On 12th May a daytime visit to the disused railway cutting at Westcott, Bucks produced examples of Aethes piercei, Rhopobota stagnana, Grapholita jungiella, Pyrausta purpuralis & Common Heath (Dichrorampha plumbagana was also found there on 8th May), while on 13th May at the Calvert Jubilee Reserve, Bucks I found Pancalia leuwenhoekella (sitting on a daisy, wingspan less than 10mm!), Adela rufimitrella & Cydia ulicetana (swarming on gorse). Additions to this year's garden list at Westcott have been few but have included Common Carpet (8th May) and Cnephasia stephensiana, Red Twin-spot Carpet & Seraphim (all 10th May)."

Aethes piercei
Photo © Dave Wilton
Rhopobota stagnana
Photo © Dave Wilton
Pancalia leuwenhoekella
Photo © Dave Wilton

Mick & Wendy Campbell walked part of the disused railway at Salden, Bucks on 13th May: "It was only 12C when we set off and a cold wind was blowing across the track. However, during one of the few sunny spells, this Cinnabar managed a short flight."

Photo © Wendy Campbell

David Redhead reported the following from Littlemore, Oxon: "While checking my garden for butterflies on Friday 11th May, I noticed some of the Garlic Mustard flowerheads bore about half a dozen of the long-horned micro-moth, Adela rufimitrella including a mating pair. However, this year, for a variety of reasons including the weather, my overnight garden moth trapping has been almost non-existent but the decent daytime weather over the last two days encouraged me to make the effort - not sure it was worth it - Saturday 12th May = just 1 White Ermine!!!!, Sunday 13th May = 3 Green Carpet, 1 Hebrew Character, 1 Muslin Moth, 1 Swallow Prominent & 1 White Ermine. The difference being about 3C on the minimum overnight temperature. This morning is once again grey and wet!"

This report came from Dave Morris: "Another micro for the list, Argyresthia trifasciata caught in my Seer Green, Bucks garden on 11th May."

Chris Bottrell sent the following report: "Since my last posting the trap's been out twice a week in my Merton (Oxon) back garden with the egg boxes drying out in the airing cupboard the next day. Really low catches: 14/4 - 1 moth, 18/4 - 2 of 1 species, 21/4 - nothing, 26/4 - 3 of 2, 29/4 - 6 of 4, 2/5 - 2 of 2 and 5/5 - 5 of 3, comprising in total Shuttle-shaped dart (1), Common Quaker (1), Clouded Drab (5), Hebrew Character (10) and Early Grey (2). Last Wednesday night (9/5) despite it raining (again!) a bumper catch of 7 moths: Red Twin-spot Carpet (1), Purple Bar (1), Green Carpet (1), Powdered Quaker (2), Clouded Drab (1) and Hebrew Character (1)."

Robert Payne had a successful trapping session at Black Park, Bucks on 8th May: "I caught the following: 1 x Pebble Prominent - must be a female as it has laid eggs in the container! 1 x Pebble Hook-tip, 1 x Tawny-barred Angle, 1 x Scalloped Hazel, 1 x Birch Mocha, 2 x Brimstone, 4 x Various Pugs - probably Brindled, 2 x Green Carpet, 1 x Bee Moth (Aphomia sociella). I also got a Pseudococcyx posticana.

Pseudococcyx posticana
Photo © Robert Payne

Mary Elford reported the following: "2 new ones for your list I think: Scarlet Tiger larva (on 4th May) and a Coxcomb Prominent which was on the outside of my garden trap on the morning of 9th May here in Bampton, West Oxfordshire. The Scarlet Tiger larva was feeding on hollyhocks. I brought it indoors to show my grandson – hence the photo of it on my carpet!"

Scarlet Tiger larva
Photo © Mary Elford
Coxcomb Prominent
Photo © Mary Elford

Another quick update from Dave Morris: "A couple of day-flying micros from the fields and hedgerows of Seer Green, Bucks on the afternoon of 8th May: Incurvaria masculella and Adela rufimitrella."

Incurvaria masculella
Photo © Dave Morris
Adela rufimitrella
Photo © Dave Morris

Robert Payne did a bit of trapping on 7th May near Hedgerley, Bucks: "I got one each of the following: Green Carpet, Brimstone, Nut-tree Tussock, Red Twin-spot Carpet (I think this may be new for the year) and Flame Shoulder."

Red Twin-spot Carpet
Photo © Robert Payne
Flame Shoulder
Photo © Robert Payne

Dave Morris reported the following: "On a walk in Church Wood, Hedgerley, Bucks armed with a torch in the evening of 4th May - 1 Acleris notana/ferrugana and 1 Green Carpet. Then on 8th May I had a couple of micros in Seer Green, Bucks: a Caloptilia syringella flying in the garden at dusk and an Acleris literana on the house in the morning."

Green Carpet
Photo © Dave Morris
Acleris literana
Photo © Dave Morris

~ Friday 4th May 2012 ~

Mary Elford reported the following: "These 2 moths were in my trap in Bampton, West Oxfordshire on 1st May: Spectacle and Poplar Kitten."

Photo © Mary Elford
Poplar Kitten
Photo © Mary Elford

Dave Morris sent this update from Seer Green, Bucks: "I trapped again on Sunday night, 29th April and, along with a Hebrew Character and 2 Early Greys, I had a Yellow-barred Brindle. Then on the 1st May I had couple of new species for the year in my trap which I believe to be Pebble Prominent and Grey Pine Carpet. Also Emmelina monodactyla and 2 Brindled Pugs."

Yellow-barred Brindle
Photo © Dave Morris

Grey Pine Carpet
Photo © Dave Morris
Pebble Prominent
Photo © Dave Morris

Dave Wilton sent this news: "Things seem to have picked up a little at last. Monday 30th April was, relatively speaking, quite warm and sunny and during a visit to the disused railway cutting here at Westcott, Bucks I found Grapholita jungiella, Pyrausta purpuralis and Common Heath all active during the daytime. New species in the garden trap that night (before it started to rain) were Pyrausta aurata, Chinese Character, Pale Prominent & Flame Shoulder, while amongst the moths trapped in a private wood near Buckingham were Mottled Pug, Scalloped Hazel & Pebble Prominent. On 1st May the trap at Westcott added Garden Carpet, Oak-tree Pug, V-Pug, Brindled Beauty, Least Black Arches, Iron Prominent, Chocolate-tip & Silver Y to my garden year list."

Nigel Partridge reported the following from Loosley Row in Bucks: "I managed to get the trap out on 1st May for a few hours and only managed one moth, a Waved Umber."

Rob Payne reported the following: "I had a female Incurvaria masculella at my flat in Langley, Berks on 1st May - I think that this area falls within the catchment for Upper Thames. I believe that this is a new moth for this year for the area."

Dave Morris reported the following: "From my garden trap in Seer Green, Bucks on 27th April - 1 Hebrew Character, 1 Pale Mottled Willow, 1 Brimstone."

Pale Mottled Willow
Photo © Dave Morris

~ Saturday 28th April 2012 ~

23/04/12 - The Moth Stats have been updated - see link at the top of this page.

Dave Morris sent this report: "Not much seen of late due to the appalling weather, but on Tuesday night (24th April) I trapped 1 Brindled Pug, 1 V-Pug, 1 Early Grey and 1 Common Quaker in my garden in Seer Green, Bucks and on Friday afternoon (27th) during a brief period of sunshine, I had about 6 Adela reaumurella flying around a hawthorn in my garden."

Adela reaumurella
Photo © Dave Morris

Dave Wilton reported the following: "Rather surprisingly, on 24th April we managed a day without rain in this part of Bucks and, with a little bit of sun occasionally too, I thought that just maybe a few more species would have been tempted to emerge. Another visit to Finemere Wood that evening proved to be a disappointment, though. The temperature fell quickly under clear skies to just above freezing (and perhaps the moths already knew about about the wind and rain that would follow on the 25th!), so the catch was just 23 moths between two traps in two and a half hours: Frosted Green (2), Brindled Pug (3), Brindled Beauty (1), Lesser Swallow Prominent (2), Swallow Prominent (1), Lunar Marbled Brown (2), Small Quaker (1), Lead-coloured Drab (3), Common Quaker (6), Clouded Drab (1) & Chestnut (1). The only other noteworthy moths that I've recorded over the previous week or so have been Muslin Moth here at Westcott on 20th April followed by daytime sightings of Adela reaumurella at Littleworth Common and Neofaculta ericetella & Cydia ulicetana both at Stoke Common all on 21st April. Finally, Hofmannophila pseudospretella (Brown House Moth) was found flying indoors at Westcott on 23rd April."

Neofaculta ericetella
Photo © Dave Wilton
Cydia ulicetana
Photo © Dave Wilton

~ Monday 23rd April 2012 ~

David Redhead sent the following report on 20th April: "In the sunshine, a swish with my net at the lowest branch of the Horse Chestnut tree at the bottom of our garden in Littlemore, Oxon produced two Cameraria ohridella, a Harlequin Ladybird and several minute things beyond my powers of identification. I am pretty sure the first Horse Chestnut Leaf-miner moths were about a week ago but every time I remembered to check them out the heavens opened. Even as I write this report there are drops of rain falling off my hair on to the keyboard! Never mind they are now forecasting the coldest May in a century!"

~ Tuesday 17th April 2012 ~

Will Atkinson reported the following: "Last two week's moth trapping reports from my garden in Culham, nr. Abingdon, Oxon:
7th April, a very cold night - Common Quaker (3), Hebrew Character (4), Early Grey (1).
14th April - Clouded Drab (6), Powdered Quaker (3), Hebrew Character (2), Early Grey (2), Small Quaker (1)."

Powdered Quaker
Photo © Will Atkinson

Andy King sent this news from Chorleywood, Bucks: "I've not been doing a huge amount of mothing lately, due largely to the cool nights. However, amongst just three individuals in my home trap on 13th April was Zelleria hepariella, a small foxy-coloured moth with a head-down, bottom-up posture, presumably just out of hibernation."

Zelleria hepariella
Photo © Andy King

Robert Payne sent this report: "I did some more trapping on 13th April at Andrew's Hill Lane near Beaconsfield, Bucks (OS ref SU963881) resulting in 15 moths of 11 species: Chestnut - 2; Brindled Pug - 1; Twin-spotted Quaker - 1; Small Quaker - 1; Common Quaker - 1; Hebrew Character - 1; Clouded Drab - 2; Eriocrania subpurpurella - 2; Dotted Chestnut - 1; Nut-tee Tussock - 2, new to observer and Scarce Prominent - 1, new to observer."

Nut-tree Tussock
Photo © Robert Payne
Scarce Prominent
Photo © Robert Payne

Dave Wilton sent the following: "A Swallow Prominent to the garden trap here at Westcott, Bucks on 7th April has been the only addition to the garden year list over the past two weeks, thanks to the dismal night-time weather. I had a bit of excitement on Friday afternoon (13th April), though, when the first adult emerged from my Emperor Moth pupae that have been over-wintering in the garage. It was a female and, despite the lateness of the hour, I placed her out in a netting cage at 5pm in the hope of attracting a wild mate. Sure enough, after 30 minutes a male appeared on the scene and after the usual frantic search he managed to track her down. They were permitted to get on with what they do best, hopefully ensuring next year's supply of females!"

Emperor Moths assembling
Photo © Dave Wilton
Emperor Moths
Photo © Dave Wilton

Marc Botham sent this report on 13th April: "Just got two different people independently showing me photos of a moth they saw on two different butterfly transects, one in Bucks, one in Oxon (VC Berks), but both Ruby Tiger! I was surprised at the first one but the weirdness and déjŕ vu of the second one was more surprising. So details as follows:
1 x Ruby Tiger @ Buttler’s Hanging (VC24: SU8195)
1 x Ruby Tiger @ Castle Meadows, Wallingford (VC22: SU6189)."

Mark Calway reported the following: "At the Berks Moth Group meeting on 12th April, members reported the following moths seen in Berkshire this year and which do not appear on the 2012 UTB species list (as published/available 12/04/2012). Some species putting in early appearances:
Agonopterix alstromeriana; Caloptilia elongella; Zelleria hepariella; Plutella xylostella (Jealot’s Hill); Northern Winter Moth; Emperor Moth (male seen in flight, Padworth end March; male to pheromone lure (not sure this is generally available in UK yet) early April; Acrolepiopsis assectella (Leek moth); Red Green Carpet; Knot Grass; Common Pug; Shuttle-shaped Dart; Garden Carpet; Brimstone; Lunar Marbled Brown; Brindled Beauty (Snelsmore 11/04). Details of recorders, dates and locations to follow."

~ Thursday 12th April 2012 ~

12/4 - A new report from Peter Hall has been added to the 2011 Moth Sightings - click here.

Chris Bottrell reported the following: "Recent inclement weather has significantly reduced the overnight catches in my Merton (Oxon) garden. My meagre results have been:
28/3 - 53 moths of 9 species - Emmelina monodactyla (6), Red-green Carpet (1), Brindled Beauty (1), Oak Beauty (1), Small Quaker (9), Common Quaker (25), Clouded Drab (4), Twin-spotted Quaker (1), Hebrew Character (5).
31/3 - 7 of 3 - Common Quaker (4), Hebrew Character (2), Early Grey (1).
04/4 - Nothing.
07/4 - 17 of 6 - Double-striped Pug (1), Small Quaker (1), Lead-coloured Drab (1), Common Quaker (8), Clouded Drab (2), Hebrew Character (4).
11/4 - 7 of 3 - Red Chestnut (1), Clouded Drab (1), Hebrew Character (5).

Dave Maunder sent this report: "On the 7th April I found a specimen of Esperia sulphurella in my garden here in Aylesbury, Bucks - it doesn't seem to be on the UTB year-list yet. Not much else found around here recently except a few Early Greys, Oak Beauty (1, 7th); Nut-tree Tussock (1, 8th); Clouded Drab (1, 8th); March Moth (1, 4th). Also I had two Angle Shades hatch from larvae found in my back garden."

Esperia sulphurella
Photo © Dave Maunder
Angle Shades
Photo © Dave Maunder

~ Tuesday 3rd April 2012 ~

Dave Wilton sent the following update today: "With the forecast looking dire for the next week I made a last-minute decision to run a trap at Finemere Wood, Bucks yesterday evening (2nd April), even though the temperature there was already down to single digits at dusk. However, in a couple of hours the Robinson brought in 20 species, which wasn't too bad: Eriocrania subpurpurella (1), Diurnea fagella (5), Semioscopis steinkellneriana (2), Frosted Green (2), March Moth (1), Shoulder Stripe (1), Streamer (1), Brindled Pug (5), Purple Thorn (4), Oak Beauty (4), Red Chestnut (2), Small Quaker (27), Blossom Underwing (2), Lead-coloured Drab (3), Common Quaker (11), Clouded Drab (5), Twin-spotted Quaker (20), Hebrew Character (3), Satellite (1) & Chestnut (2)."

Tony Rayner sent this report: "On 2nd April we had a dark form of the pyralid Pyrausta despicata (formerly P. cespitalis) in our Cholsey, Oxon meadow during the day. Identification by Bryan Barnacle, confirmed by Richard Lewington and Phil Sterling. This is apparently very early for the species."

Pyrausta despicata
Photo © Tony Rayner

Dave Morris sent the following report: "A few moth sightings from a walk through RSPB Church Wood in Hedgerley, Bucks on 2nd April: Orange Underwing sp. - 2 (including 1 in the garden of the White Horse pub. Based on the local trees, they would have been most likely OU - the first was seen adjacent to a large area of Birch/Silver Birch and there are no aspen in the area), Brindled Pug - 1 and Eriocrania subpurpurella - 1."

Will Atkinson reported the following: "This week's trapping from my garden in Culham, nr. Abingdon, Oxon on 31st March produced Common Quaker (1), Small Quaker (11), Clouded Drab (4), Hebrew Character (5), Early Grey (1). Also, the sunny clearings in the BBOWT reserve at Rushbeds Wood, Bucks were alive with Orange Underwings sp. on 1st April."

Jim Asher sent this report: "I saw my first Pyrausta aurata on 31st March on our kitchen window in Marcham, Oxon - it must have flown in from the garden on Friday. Goater has it as flying in May, so I guess climate warming and a hot March have pushed it on."

Ross Newham had a productive couple of hours in the cold at Little Wittenham Wood, Oxon on the night of 30th March: "I recorded over 190 moths of 16 species. Most notable were four White-marked - caught only a couple of kms from my 2011 records of the same species. Other 'highlights' were 3 Frosted Green and over 42 Brindled Pug including several of the dark hirschkei form."

Photo © Ross Newham
Frosted Green
Photo © Ross Newham
Brindled Pug
Photo © Ross Newham

~ Friday 30th March 2012 ~

Dave Wilton sent the following report: "New species seen over the past few days have included Adela cuprella "dancing" above sallow blossom at Finemere Wood, Bucks on 27th March, Powdered Quaker in the garden trap at Westcott on 28th March and Mottled Grey and Northern Drab trapped near Ivinghoe Beacon on 29th March. Although neither of the latter pair of species is supposed to be particularly scarce, they are certainly good records for Bucks and appear to be new to the 'All-time' UTB list (see Moth Stats)."

Mottled Grey
Photo © Dave Wilton
Northern Drab
Photo © Dave Wilton

Phil Penson was carrying out a butterfly transect on 29th March and found an early male Common Heath moth at Chilswell Valley, just west of Oxford. The earliest sighting reported to the website in previous years was 10th April 2011.

Dave Morris reported the following: "In Seer Green, Bucks I caught an example of what I am told is Eriocrania subpurpurella. I attach a photo (see below), although it isn't great and the moth flew off before I could get a better one!"

Eriocrania subpurpurella
Photo © Dave Morris

Adam Bassett says he still hasn’t put his moth trap on this year but has had a few kitchen window records at home in Marlow Bottom, Bucks:  "15th March: Dotted Chestnut (my 6th record since first recording it in 2009, including having 2 together, so obviously doing well in my area). 27th March: Agonopterix ocellana. 28th March: Caloptilia semifascia. 29th March: Mompha subbistrigella (usual bathroom record!). Plus Diurnea fagella, Agonopterix heracliana, Agonopterix arenella, Alucita hexadactyla, Amblyptilia acanthadactyla, Winter Moth, Early Moth, Pale Brindled Beauty, Dotted Border, Satellite from earlier in the year and an Orange Underwing sp (presumably not Light as I don’t know of any Aspen in the area) flying around birch on 28th March and another OU sp flying around the car park at Ivinghoe Beacon yesterday, 29th March. By the way, I also heard a report of a Hummingbird Hawkmoth feeding in a Flackwell Heath, Bucks garden on March 26th."

Rob Payne sent this report today: "I managed to sneak a half hour's trapping session down Andrew's Hill lane (near Hedgerley, Bucks) last night, 29th March and had: 3 Common Quakers, 3 Small Quakers, probable - Eriocrania subpurpurella, 3 Oak Beauties, 3 Frosted Green, 1 Brindled Pug."

Dave Morris ran his garden trap in Seer Green, Bucks on 28th March: "Although the overall haul was neither large nor unusual, I did trap my first Dotted Chestnut for my garden. Also, this afternoon (29th) while gardening, I disturbed a roosting Early Thorn."

Dave Ferguson sent this moth sighting: "At Stoke Common, Bucks on 29th March I saw an Orange Underwing sp on a patch of bare earth by a pond. It flew up, caught the breeze and vanished before I could photograph it."

This report came from Nigel Partridge: "One more that looks new to this year's list: V-Pug, 28-03-12, Loosley Row, Bucks."

Mary Elford sent the following: "Just to add to Alan Strawn's report below, I've just seen a Hummingbird Hawkmoth in my garden in Bampton, West Oxon feeding on a pot of violas - 28th March."

~ Tuesday 27th March 2012 ~

Alan Strawn reported the following: "I observed a Hummingbird Hawkmoth today, 27th March, feeding on a clump of aubretia in a garden I was working in at Cholesbury, Bucks near Tring today. Earliest I have ever seen one.

~ Monday 26th March 2012 ~

Peter Cuss sent the following: "Had the garden trap out on Sunday 25/03/12 in Caversham, Berks. Among the haul was one species I don't think has been recorded so far this year, a Herald."

This report came from May Webber: "On Saturday 24th March I ran my garden moth trap in Long Hanborough, Oxon and caught many Quakers and Early Greys. However, the highlight was the Pine Beauty which I have not caught before in my trap and an Early Thorn which although is a frequent visitor, it never fails to wow me!"

Pine Beauty
Photo © May Webber
Early Thorn
Photo © May Webber

Chris Bottrell reported the following: "Things are starting to liven up in my Merton (Oxon) back garden. On Wednesday 21st March 70 moths of 6 species were caught in the 60W Actinic: Red Chestnut (1), Small Quaker (21), Lead-coloured Drab (1), Common Quaker (29), Clouded Drab (11) and Hebrew Character (7). Then last Saturday evening, 24th March, 88 of 11: Caloptilia semifascia (1), Emmelina monodactyla (3), Shoulder Stripe (1), Early Thorn (1), Red Chestnut (1), Small Quaker (30), Blossom Underwing (1), Common Quaker (29), Clouded Drab (11), Twin-spotted Quaker (4), Hebrew Character (6).

Dave Wilton sent the following update: "The year's garden list here at Westcott, Bucks has not increased by much since my last report, although perhaps noteworthy for its early appearance was that of a fresh Eudonia angustea on 19th March. I got a rather worn Acrolepiopsis species to light on 22nd March but couldn't decide if it was autumnitella or assectella (Leek Moth) so that one will have to await the attention of Peter Hall's microscope. Away from home, a short trapping session at Calvert, Bucks on 15th March brought in a reasonable haul, including my first sightings of Agonopterix alstromeriana and Red Chestnut. I ran one MV and one actinic light for three hours in private woodland near Buckingham on 22nd March and got a pleasing 27 species, including Pammene giganteana (interesting choice of name for a moth with a wingspan of barely 16mm!), Streamer, Brindled Pug & Blossom Underwing. A visit to chalk downland on the Ashridge Estate on 24th March didn't produce quite as much but it was still nice to see Dotted Chestnut (no longer as scarce in Bucks as its "Notable B List" status might imply) and Nut-tree Tussock. Recent daytime sightings have included my first probable Orange Underwing in Bernwood Forest on 15th March and the first confirmed Light Orange Underwing at Kingswood on 22nd March."

Eudonia angustea
Photo © Dave Wilton
Pammene giganteana
Photo © Dave Wilton

~ Saturday 24th March 2012 ~

Will Atkinson sent this report today: "Two weeks trapping to report from my garden in Culham, Oxon.
18th March - Common Quaker (2), Small Quaker (5), Twin-spotted Quaker (1), Clouded Drab (1), Hebrew Character (6), Oak Beauty (1) (photo below).
24th March - Common Quaker (47), Small Quaker (103), Clouded Drab (37), Hebrew Character (17), Twin-spotted Quaker (6), Dotted Border (2), Angle Shades (1), Early Grey (1), Pine Beauty (1) (photo below). When I went to the moth trap at about 6:30 the lawn around the trap was strewn with Small Quakers which were rapidly falling victim to the local robin. Have to get up earlier in future!"

Oak Beauty
Photo © Will Atkinson
Pine Beauty
Photo © Will Atkinson

Dave Maunder found a number of moths in Aylesbury, Bucks over the last week: "They included - Lead-coloured Drab (1 - my first ever in Aylesbury); Twin-spotted Quaker (1); Small Quakers (3); Hebrew Characters (2); Early Grey (1); Engrailed moths (2); Shoulder Stripe (2); March moths (2); Dotted Borders (2); Depressaria heraclei (Parsnip Moth) (1)."

Lead-coloured Drab
Photo © Dave Maunder

David Redhead sent the following report: "Ran my 125MV Robinson trap last night (23rd March) and overnight in my garden in Littlemore, Oxon it caught the following:- 24 Clouded Drab, 14 Hebrew Character, 8 Common Quaker, 8 Lead-coloured Drab, 5 Small Quaker, 4 Oak Beauty, 4 Twin-spotted Quaker, 1 Pale Pinion & 1 Early Thorn but not a single micro-moth. The Brown Hairstreak egg count at Bernwood Meadows, Bucks on Friday 23rd March produced a girdle of Lackey moth eggs."

This report came from Tony Rayner today: "On 21st March I caught Common Quaker; Clouded Drab; Dotted Border; Double-striped Pug; Early Grey; Hebrew Character; Pale Pinion; Satellite; Small Quaker & Twin-spotted Quaker in our Cholsey, Oxon garden."

Pale Pinion
Photo © Tony Rayner

Marc Botham went in search of the Barred Tooth-striped last night: "I went to Buttler’s Hangings SSSI in West Wycombe, Bucks last night (23rd March) with Ross Newham who joined me later in the evening. Sadly, despite 5 Actinic light traps, 2 MV light traps, a batch of wine ropes and several searches of the Privet on site with torches neither of us were lucky enough to encounter Barred Tooth-striped. However, during a modest catch of the usual suspects for this time of year there were a couple of early records of species not yet posted on the UTB website: Chinese Character – caught by net at dusk whilst setting up, and Nut-tree Tussock which we had two possibly three of at light traps. Sadly no other highlights on what was a largely disappointing evening, but the temperature did drop markedly."

Dave Morris reported the following today: "Trapped with a friend in a wood near Hedgerley, Bucks last night (23rd March) for a couple of hours: Small Quaker - 11, Common Quaker - 2, Diurnea fagella - 6, March Moth - 4, Engrailed - 13, Oak Beauty - 1, Dotted Chestnut - 1, Lead-coloured Drab - 1, Brindled Pug - 3, Early Tooth-striped - 11, Chestnut - 1 and Streamer - 1."

~ Friday 23rd March 2012 ~

Dave Morris sent this report today, 23rd March: "A moth sighting to report - Orange Underwing, sunning itself on the road on Bottom Lane, Seer Green, Bucks close to Hodgemoor Woods. Unfortunately I wasn't able to catch or photograph it so can't definitively state it was this species as opposed to Light Orange Underwing, but I note the latter feeds on Aspen, of which there are none in the area, whereas there is quite a stand of birch within Hodgemoor Woods. Also, yesterday morning, 22nd March, I had a micro, now id'd as Ypsolopha ustella adjacent to my trap, in Seer Green."

Robert Payne sent this report: "I did an hour's trapping at Andrew's Hill lane on 21st March near Hedgerley in Bucks. Amongst others I had Dotted Chestnut and Early Tooth-striped come to the light. Full record will be sent to the County Recorders."

Dotted Chestnut
Photo © Robert Payne
Early Tooth-striped
Photo © Robert Payne

Mark Calway sent the following report: "I had 28 separate sightings of Orange Underwing/Light Orange Underwing at the top of birch trees on 19/03/2012 in Berkshire. Then on 20th March I netted one for a positive identification at Padworth Common and found it to be the Orange Underwing (photo below). Also, along with the usual suspects (e.g. Yellow Horned, Hebrew Characters, Small Quakers etc.) I had a nice fresh specimen of Semioscopis avellanella to light on Monday night (19/03/2012).

Semioscopis avellanella
Photo © Mark Calway
Orange Underwing
Photo © Mark Calway

This report came from Andy King on 19th March: "It is quite possible to stand in the middle of the River Chess in Chesham, Bucks and not get your feet wet - there is no water there! Searching through the seed-head fluff of a Bulrush on an 'island' I found a Limnaecia phragmitella larva. The trick is to stay upwind of the seed-head as you dismantle it, or you'll spend more time brushing off seeds than it takes to find this quite common moth caterpillar."

Limnaecia phragmitella larva
Photo © Andy King

Chris Bottrell ran his moth trap on 14th March in his Merton (Oxon) garden: "Being a cold night it produced only 9 moths of 5 species - Small Quaker (2), Lead-coloured Drab (1), Common Quaker (4), Clouded Drab (1) and Hebrew Character (1). Then despite an early evening downpour the Saturday session (17/3) gave a total of 20 moths of 5 species, Red Chestnut (2), Small Quaker (2), Common Quaker (9), Clouded Drab (5) and Hebrew Character (2)."

~ Friday 16th March 2012 ~

Nigel Partridge reported the following: "One more that looks new to this year's list: Water Carpet, 14-03-12, Loosley Row."

~ Wednesday 14th March 2012 ~

Derek Brown sent this report from Beenham, Berks: "I had a Dotted Chestnut on Saturday evening, 10th March, in the trap."

Dotted Chestnut
Photo © Derek Brown

Dave Wilton sent this update on 12th March: "The warmer weather of the last few days has brought a noticeable increase in moths to the garden trap here at Westcott, Bucks. Numbers are now averaging around 60 individuals of 14 species each night and new for the year have been Engrailed, Lead-coloured Drab, Twin-spotted Quaker (all 8th March), Early Grey (9th), Diurnea fagella (10th - wings only, a bat casualty) and Agonopterix arenella, Early Thorn (11th March). Another visit to Finemere Wood, Bucks on 10th March produced my first four-digit moth tally of the year, all to a single Skinner MV trap run from dusk until 11pm: Tortricodes alternella (44), Yellow Horned (53), March Moth (9), Shoulder Stripe (7), Small Brindled Beauty (103), Engrailed (4), Pale Brindled Beauty (5), Oak Beauty (13), Early Moth (1), Satellite (3), Chestnut (4), Small Quaker (1181), Lead-coloured Drab (1), Common Quaker (28), Clouded Drab (2), Twin-spotted Quaker (15) & Hebrew Character (2). Small Quaker is obviously having a good year: their total was for individuals that had settled but many more were arriving at the light as I tried to switch it off. Good job I didn't run the trap all night or I'd still be counting now!"

Marc Botham reported the following: "I had these two species on 11/03/12 which might still be new to the 2012 species list: Silver-Y at actinic light in Cowley and Buttoned Snout caught flying around a conservatory in Cowley, Oxon."

Chris Bottrell sent this report: "The late February sessions in my Merton (Oxon) back garden produced nothing of note: 12/2 - nothing, 15/2 - nothing, 18/2 - nothing, 23/2 - 4 moths of 2 species, 25/2 - 3 of 2, 29/2 - 4 of 2. 5 species in total: Pale Brindled Beauty, Satellite, Dotted Border, Common and Small Quaker. March has started off with an upturn in the usual Orthosia sp. 3/3 - 12 moths of 4 species, 7/3 - 3 of 2 and, with the recent improvement in the weather, my 10/3 catch comprised 45 moths of 8 species: Caloptilia semifascia (1) [thanks to Peter Hall for correcting my identification], Diurnea fagella (1), Emmelina monodactyla (1), Small Quaker (10), Common Quaker (25), Clouded Drab (2), Twin-spotted Quaker (1), Hebrew Character (4)."

Caloptilia semifascia
Photo © Chris Bottrell
Diurnea fagella
Photo © Chris Bottrell

A couple of reports recently received from Dave Maunder: "Not too much found in Aylesbury, Bucks over the last month, just:- Ypsolopha mucronella (1, 9th); Dotted Borders (11); Pale Brindled Beauties (14); March Moths (2); Early Moths (7); Angle Shades (1st adult) (1, 22-feb); Common Quaker (1); Hebrew Characters (5); Amblyptilia acanthadactyla (1, 10th March); Emmelina monodactyla (2) and Agonopterix heracliana (8). I've attached a photo (see below) of an exeptionally nicely marked Dotted Border found on 11th March at Fairford Leys sports club.
After running my garden trap here in Aylesbury on 13th March, I had:- Early Thorn (1); Dotted Border (1); Early Grey (1); Grey Shoulder-knot (1); Small Quaker (4); Common Quaker (6); Hebrew Character (2) and Emmelina monodactyla (1). At last, a reasonable number of moths in my small suburban garden here on The Willows!"

Dotted Border
Photo © Dave Maunder
Small Quakers
Photo © Dave Maunder

Dave Morris sent these reports: "I trapped again in Seer Green, Bucks on 9th March for the Garden Moth Scheme: Hebrew Character - 3, Twin-spotted Quaker - 3, Small Quaker - 11, Silver Y - 1, March Moth - 1, Common Quaker - 5, Satellite - 1, Emmelina monodactyla - 1, Diurnea fagella - 1.
Then on 10th March I trapped for a couple of hours with a friend in a wood near Hedgerley, Bucks:
Shoulder Stripe - 2, Engrailed - 10, Small Brindled Beauty - 1, Dotted Border - 1, Small Quaker - 24, March Moth - 14, Yellow Horned - 6, Twin-spotted Quaker - 1, Oak Beauty - 1, Tortricodes alternella - 1, Diurnea fagella - 1 and a couple of Acleris sp. (look like notana from the photos, but not certain yet!)"

Andy King sent the following report: "My actinic trap in the garden at Chorleywood, Bucks (VC24) caught six species of moth on 8th March. As far as I can see, only Diurnea fagella is not already on your list, although of most interest to me was a pristine Shoulder Stripe - a garden first."

~ Wednesday 7th March 2012 ~

Marc Botham and Ross Newham visited the Warburg Reserve in Oxon on 2nd March, recording 135 moths: Acleris cristana (1), Acleris ferrugana/notana (7), Agonopterix heracliana (2), Amblyptilia acanthadactyla (2), Chestnut (20), Clouded Drab (8), Common Quaker (7), Dotted Border (1), Early Grey (1), Early Moth (4), Hebrew Character (5), March Moth (4), Pale Brindled Beauty (3), Satellite (23), Small Brindled Beauty (8), Small Quaker (27), Streamer (1), Tortricodes alternella (6), Yellow Horned (3), Ypsolopha mucronella (1), Ypsolopha ustella (1).

Ypsolopha mucronella
Photo © Ross Newham

Dave Morris sent this report from Seer Green, Bucks: "Trapped again on 2nd March under the Garden Moth Scheme. 1 new species at the end of the list: Small Quaker - 8, Common Quaker - 1, Chestnut - 1, Hebrew Character - 2, Tortricodes alternella - 1, March Moth - 1, Early Moth - 1 and Brindled Pug - 1."

Mark Griffiths sent the following: "I found this on 29th February in my garden in Garsington, Oxon. Pretty sure it is a Scarlet Tiger caterpillar - I had one a few years back - plus one adult. It looked as if it was trying to eat the buds on a wild rose sucker. It disappeared the next day - hopefully finding something more to its liking. The mysterious "silk" in the picture is actually cat hair!"

Scarlet Tiger caterpillar
Photo © Mark Griffiths

~ Friday 2nd March 2012 ~

This news came from Dave Morris: "I haven't had any new moth species of late here in Seer Green, Bucks, but I had a caterpillar on 1st March identified as Square-spot Rustic."

Dave Wilton sent this report: "I ran a couple of MV lights in Finemere Wood, Bucks for three hours on 28th February and they brought in a pleasing 767 moths of 16 species, although well over 350 of them were Tortricodes alternella! New for the year were Yellow Horned and a rather early Pine Beauty. Amongst the catch in the garden actinic trap at Westcott that same night was a Grey Shoulder-knot."

David Redhead reported the following: "27th February - Garden in Littlemore, Oxford - overnight 125MV Robinson Trap = 10 Dotted Border, 2 Chestnut, 2 Clouded Drab, 2 Twin-spotted Quaker and singletons of Lead-coloured Drab, Pale Brindled Beauty, Satellite, Small Brindled Beauty, Small Quaker and 4 Tortricodes alternella."

~ Monday 27th February 2012 ~

27/2 - A new report from Peter Hall has been added to the 2011 Moth Sightings - click here.

Tom Stevenson sent the following report yesterday from Benson, Oxon: "I discovered an Agonopterix alstromeriana in the bedroom when I turned in last night (25th February). Thanks to Peter Hall for the I.D."

Nigel Partridge sent this sighting: "One that might be new for the list: Clouded Drab, 24-02-12, Loosley Row, Bucks."

Dave Morris ran his trap in Seer Green, Bucks again on 24th February: "I caught: Chestnut (4), Common Quaker (2), Hebrew Character, Early Grey, Small Brindled Beauty, Spring Usher, Tortricodes alternella (3)."

Andy King reported the following: "I caught 43 moths in around 2 hours at Philipshill Wood, nr. Chorleywood, Bucks (VC 24) on 24th February with 11 species. Only one species is not already on your 2012 list and I was a little surprised to see it - an Engrailed - quite, but not impossibly, early I would have thought."

Tom Stevenson sent this report: "My first moth of the year - Agonopterix sp. (probably heracliana) on my Benson (Oxon) front door attracted to the light on 24th February."

~ Friday 24th February 2012 ~

Tony Rayner sent the following: "My Cholsey (Oxon) garden trap on 23rd February produced 7 species of which Common Quaker (2) and Pale Brindled Beauty (1) were the most notable and early records for the site."

Dave Morris reports another reasonable night's trapping on 23rd February in Seer Green, Bucks: Satellite, Common Quaker, Spring Usher, March Moth, Tortricodes alternella (6), Emmelina monodactyla.

~ Thursday 23rd February 2012 ~

Dave Morris sent the following report: "I have a few moth sightings from a garden trap in Seer Green, Bucks:
16th Feb - Chestnut (2), Agonopterix heracliana
17th Feb - Chestnut (2), March Moth
18th Feb - Chestnut, March Moth, Pale Brinded Beauty
21st Feb - Tortricodes alternella, Hebrew Character
22nd Feb - March Moth (2), Chestnut, Tortricodes alternella, Hebrew Character, Dotted Border."

This report came from Ali Driver: "Had this Dark Chestnut come to my lounge window last night (21st February) in Sonning, Berks - a new garden record and only the second for my parish list."

Dark Chestnut
Photo © Ali Driver

Ched George reported the following from Radnage, Bucks: "1 Dotted Border, 1 March moth, 1 Pale Brindled Beauty, 1 Chestnut and 4 Tortricodes alternella on 21st February."

Andy King sent this report on 18th February: "No sooner had I posted you about my latest moths in Chorleywood, Bucks (VC24) when another new one for the year turned up, at an indoor light: Small Quaker."

~ Saturday 18th February 2012 ~

18/2 - A new report from Peter Hall has been added to the 2011 Moth Sightings - click here.

This report came from Andy King yesterday: "With the melting of the snow many more moths seem to have decided Spring has sprung. In my trap in Chorleywood, Bucks (VC24) last night (16/02) were Early Moth, Satellite, March Moth, Tortricodes alternella, Hebrew Character, Pale Brindled Beauty and Chestnut."

Dave Wilton sent this news: "Another visit with a single trap to Finemere Wood, Bucks on 14th February brought in nine different species, including the first sightings that I've had this year of Shoulder Stripe (my earliest ever) and Dotted Border."

Shoulder Stripe
Photo © Dave Wilton

Chris Bottrell reported the following: "So far this February, nothing from the trap in my Merton (Oxon) back garden. 4 sessions, one where I had to extract it from the snow in the morning! However 2 Agonopterix heracliana found in the cottage on the 10th February."

~ Sunday 12th February 2012 ~

Andy King sent this interesting report: "The weather really isn't conducive to running a light-trap at the moment, but all is not lost! I have managed to locate over-wintering caterpillars by 'dissecting' Teasel seed-heads. Supposedly, up to five species live in these; I've found two and only one of these was in Buckinghamshire (Chorleywood and Chesham). It's a prickly job, but if you split a Teasel seed-head vertically the larvae of Endothenia gentianaeana (ugly name) may be found in the pith in the centre, one caterpillar to a seed-head. They really are quite common - perhaps 70-80% of the examples I've looked at contained a caterpillar. Some are unlucky and get cut in two, I'm afraid, but most survive and the seed-head may be bound back together again and left outside for them to emerge as moths in the spring. They are already fully fed, so the plants don't need to be put in water. A picture is below."

Endothenia gentianaeana
Photo © Andy King

David Redhead sent these moth sightings for January:
"1st Jan - Otmoor RSPB Brown Hairstreak egg count - a couple of Blue-bordered Carpet Moth eggs also found.
1st Jan - 125MV overnight in garden (Littlemore, Oxon) - 2 Chestnut & 1 Winter Moth.
18th Jan - 125MV overnight in garden - 1 Chestnut, 1 Mottled Umber, 2 Pale Brindled Beauty and 1 Spring Usher.
25th Jan - 125MV overnight in garden - my first ever garden moth trap devoid of a single macro but one micro - Acleris cristana. Also an Early Moth in our lit overnight porch - Early Moths don't seem to like MV lights as I have never caught one in my trap but each January notice them in the porch and on windows.
27th Jan - Bullingdon Prison Brown Hairstreak egg count - a couple of Blue-bordered Carpet Moth eggs and a row of six Feathered Thorn eggs."

~ Saturday 4th February 2012 ~

Chris Bottrell reported the following on 30th January: "At last a moth! Despite 7 previous sessions in the back garden here in Merton (Oxon) my first moth for 2012, a Satellite on the evening of 28/1. Been cold and damp down here on the moor."

~ Saturday 28th January 2012 ~

Dave Maunder reported these sightings: "I found this batch of Vapourer moth eggs under a gravestone in Hartwell cemetery, Bucks (with accompanying 7-spot ladybird!) this afternoon, 28th Jan. Other moths seen around Aylesbury since my first new year report have been:- Pale Brindled Beauties (4, on 20th); Winter moths (4 - last one on 14th); Mottled Umber (1, on 25th) and possible Acleris ferrugana on 25th (awaiting verification from Peter hall). Hasn't seemed like good enough weather to try my garden trap yet!"

Vapourer Moth eggs
Photo © Dave Maunder

Dave Wilton sent this update: "Here at Westcott, Bucks Acleris schalleriana appeared at a lit window on the evening of 22nd January while Ypsolopha ustella came to the actinic trap on 24th January (this year's first addition to the all-time garden list - very nice!). Both were probably disturbed from hibernation during tidying-up in the garden. Another visit with a single MV light to Finemere Wood, Bucks for a few hours on 25th January produced a decent quantity of moths even if there was little variety. The catch comprised Tortricodes alternella (25), Winter Moth (2), Small Brindled Beauty (5), Pale Brindled Beauty (31), Spring Usher (316), Early Moth (2) & Chestnut (5). This is the first time that I've caught Small Brindled Beauty in January so it looks as though the ever earlier emergence trend for some species might be continuing this year."

Ypsolopha ustella
Photo © Dave Wilton
Small Brindled Beauty (left)
Pale Brindled Beauty (right)
Photo © Dave Wilton

Derek Brown sent the following from Beenham, Berks: "I had a very early Double-striped Pug indoors on 25th January (which may have entered via the cat-flap)."

Double-striped Pug
Photo © Derek Brown

~ Saturday 21st January 2012 ~

Dave Wilton reported the following: "While searching for flightless female moths during a trapping session in the Oakley Wood car-park at Bernwood Forest, Bucks on 10th January I found this Angle Shades caterpillar active about three feet up an oak trunk. The following night the garden trap at Westcott, Bucks produced my earliest ever Early Moth, while species trapped in Finemere Wood, Bucks on 20th January included Tortricodes alternella as well as Winter Moth, Pale Brindled Beauty, Spring Usher, Mottled Umber, Early Moth & Satellite."

Angle Shades larva
Photo © Dave Wilton

Andy King was trimming the flowerheads off an old Lavender bush on 11th January and disturbed a hibernating Common Plume moth (Emmelina monodactyla) in his garden in Chorleywood, Bucks. "It was a bit grumpy about this and it was a while before I could get the attached photo."

Common Plume moth (Emmelina monodactyla)
Photo © Andy King

Mary Elford sent the following report: "I decided to put my garden trap out on 10th January after a period of hibernation and was surprised to find this very early Early Grey here in Bampton, West Oxfordshire. Lots more delights to come, I hope!"

Early Grey
Photo © Mary Elford

~ Tuesday 10th January 2012 ~

Ched George's first night of trapping in his garden in Radnage, Bucks produced the following: Spring Usher and Pale Brindled Beauty on 9th January.

~ Monday 9th January 2012 ~

9/1 - A new report from Andy King has been added to the 2011 Moth Sightings - click here.

Andy King sent the following report on 9th January: "My first moth for 2012 was Alucita hexadactyla (Six/Many/Twenty-plume Moth) which flew out from the logs I'd brought in for the fire in Chorleywood, Bucks."

Alastair Driver set his Robinson trap in his garden in Sonning, Berks on 6th January: "I was expecting my first moth of the year to appear at it soon afterwards, but in fact the solitary Winter Moth that did appear was beaten to the first of the year title by a healthy-looking specimen of Epiphyas postvittana (Light Brown Apple Moth) which flew out of the spinach from my nearby allotment that I was washing for dinner that evening."

Dave Wilton reported the following: "A trapping session at Finemere Wood, Bucks on 6th January got me started for the year, although just 15 moths in three hours was rather a poor showing for woodland at this time of year. Perhaps at 7C it was still a bit chilly for them, or maybe numbers had been decimated in the gale force winds of the previous few days. Species caught were Spring Usher, Mottled Umber, Satellite and Chestnut."

~ Sunday 8th January 2012 ~

This report came from Mick A'Court: "Saw my first moth of 2012 this morning (3rd January) in the shape of a Mottled Umber on the wall by the door of the College Lake visitors centre in Bucks."

Nigel Partridge's first moths of the year were: "New species for this year at Loosley Row, Bucks: Winter Moth 01-01-12, Endrosis sarcitrella 02-12-12."

Dave Maunder sent his first sightings of the new year: "My first three moths in Aylesbury, Bucks of 2012 were:- Brick moth (a very worn specimen!); Pale Brindled Beauty (1) and a Winter moth near Hartwell house. Good to find a few moths on a very mild first day of the year!"

The Brick
Photo © Dave Maunder

Peter Hall started off the 2012 season with the following report: "At one second past midnight in my garden in Ballinger Common, Bucks: Mottled Umber (2); Pale Brindled Beauty (1), all at the study window. Also a Winter moth came to the window later on that night."

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